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Restored Clock Tower Almost Ready for Unveiling to Public – VIDEO

Brockville Mayor Jason Baker  cutting the ribon marking the completion of the restoration of the clock tower. – Photo by Dale Elliott, Hometown TV12

Brockville – The iconic Brockville Clock Tower which has been undergoing restoration since early July is almost ready to be unveiled.

Tuesday morning Brockville Mayor Jason Baker joined local media and city officials on the scafolding to recognise the completion of the restoration before thsafolding cos down te next week.

“I want to thank everybody that was involved with this project. We did get some grant money from upper levels of government to make this happen. The clock tower is the iconic logo of the city of Brockville, up here nice and close you can see why. It a beautiful piece of our history brought back to life for the next generation” said Mayor Baker.

The roughly $205,000 project has been ongoing since about early July and included new glass for the face of the clock, restoration of the black iron on the face, new aluminum replacing the wood hands, and replacing and repairing the wood that nakes up the clock tower along with new paint.

One of the other changes is that the original 19th century clock windup mechanism has been replaced with an electronic one which will keep time muich better and make it easier to make time changes from a computer.

As well a new bell striker mechinism, which will actually strike the bell on the outside as ooposed to the old way with the ball inside the bell.

City officials say the scafolding is expected to be down by the end of next week.