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Isabella Howley Recognized as the 2021 Super Star by the Brockville and District Shrine Club

Brockville – The Brockville and District Shrine Club (BDSC), is pleased to announce the Inaugural 2021 Summer Super Star as Isabella Howley, (Bella); a role model, an outstanding student, an athlete and a really engaging person. The BDSC is thrilled that she was nominated for this award.

“This 2021 Super Star Summer Initiative is about youth making a difference”; said Past President Jack Butt. “It’s about making a contribution to our community and our society.”

“It is a big honor,” said Isabella. “My grandpa, Joe Maggio was a Shriner. He would be proud and just knowing that there are other people that are equally as proud. It’s a pretty amazing feeling (to receive this recognition).”

Graduating from the Brockville Collegiate, class of 2020, Isabella was awarded the Ontario Principal’s Council Award, recognizing excellence for community engagement, as well as athletic and academic success. She won first place in the Royal Canadian Legion Provincial Essay competition, a literary competition that pays tribute to veterans. Plus, she was awarded bursaries from St. James and Macoy Masonic Lodges, the Royal Canadian Legion, and the local chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

“In a year where there was the Covid-19 pandemic, Isabella attended Queen’s University, on a scholarship, taking engineering and was recruited to the lightweight women's rowing team” stated Jack. “Not only was she able to succeed, with a 3.9 grade point average, she excelled. She is a super star.”

It’s incredible how this young woman has managed her athletics and academics and still developed a balance in her life during a most stressful year. Not only did Isabella figure out how to handle the anxiety and succeed, she also excelled.

In addition, she rowed and maintained a drive for success through a rigorous training program, making significant gains that will be beneficial with post-pandemic racing. Isabella also developed the social media program for a local Brockville business and was a peer mentor at Queen’s.

“For the Peer Mentor at Queen’s University, essentially I was an ambassador of a study company that goes to various universities, across Canada,”; offered Isabella.

Rather than stay in residence on campus, Isabella decided to reside in her home environment, keeping her routine of a 6:30 morning rowing schedule, Monday to Saturday, squeezing in another session in the afternoon. After rowing, focus was on her studies, lectures which were available at any time along with some live tutorials. Her weeks were tightly focused with Saturday and Sunday being the catch-up for those academics that were not addressed during the week. When not rowing or studying, she reserved a small window of time for herself.

Like most students during Covid-19, Isabella's exams were cancelled and her defining grade came from the projects she worked on. She recreated and tested the various frequencies of light on the rate of photosynthesis and aquatic life. The other task was to simulate ocean acidification in chemistry.

“I got Ontario grades that were sent to universities,” said Isabella. Currently, Isabella has a summer internship at 3M Canada, continues her passion of rowing and is taking a programming course, required for her degree. Her job is in software coding in the new 3M Canada plant making the N95 respirators.

Isabella is transferring to the University of British Columbia (UBC) come fall, where she will study Chemical and Biological Engineering, with the hopes of becoming involved in renewable energy research.

“I’m very interested in climate change,” indicated Isabella. “I think that climate change is the most important issue, because if we cannot save the planet; there is nowhere for any of our other issues to be a problem. They become obsolete.”

Continuing, she wants to be part of the research and development team that addresses climate change from an energy stand point, eliminating fossil fuels. Also, she has been recruited to the UBC Thunderbirds rowing team and will move there late August.

Not one to sit still for long, on July 27th, Isabella starts the E-Waste Brockville, an initiative to collect used electronics.

“The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) organizes an annual scholarship whereby students across Canada organize electronic waste drives and are judged based on the amount of electronics collected, working or not, and their marketing campaign,” shared Isabella. “As a self-funded student, this means the opportunity to pay my tuition in Chemical and Biological Engineering at UBC.”

Isabella also mentioned that the ERA recycles the waste to be refurbished and donated to those in need across Canada. There are also environmental and economical benefits to recycling electronic waste. For example, it prevents harmful toxins like mercury and lithium from seeping into the environment in landfills and mitigates the waste of creating electronic parts from scratch.

“As well, the electronic recycling sector creates jobs and supports local communities across Canada,” indicated Isabella. “I am personally, incredibly passionate about environmental issues and plan to use my degree to guide my future in clean energy research.”

The event takes place July 26th to 30th , 2021 at Maggio Flooring and Decorating Center (3039 County Rd. 29, Brockville, ON). The drop-off times open to the public are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Monday, July 26th and Friday, July 30th , as well as 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Tuesday, July 27th .

Pick-up of items can also be arranged. See a list of accepted items on Instagram @ewaste_brockville.

Isabella Howley leads by example, like the E-Waste Brockville, calling herself a quiet leader.

According to Brockville and District Shrine Club President Gary Tristram, the 2021 Super Star program will run throughout the summer, till September.

“The criterion to win is for any student or young person that excels in anything that they are doing that they have not done before,” said Gary. “It’s basically a student or a young person applying themselves, post pandemic; as our society is not quite back to normal from the pandemic, so students have an opportunity to do things that were not present before and we want to recognize the ones that do that.”

Anyone can nominate a teenager by contacting the Brockville and District Shrine Club via their website, https:shrinersofbrockville.com, to complete a nomination form, or on Facebook.

Congratulations Isabella Howley!