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40 for 40 – Brockville Museum celebrates 40 years with Carriage Hall makeover

“You can help revitalize the museum’s Carriage Hall by donating a dollar of each of the 40 years the museum has been open.  Curator/Director Natalie Wood, pictured in the Carriage Hall of the Brockville Museum, holds up the $40 she is putting in to kick off the “40 for 40” fundraising campaign.” – Submitted Photo

Brockville – Help celebrate the Brockville Museum’s 40th birthday by giving its dramatic Carriage Hall a much-needed makeover. The area has remained virtually untouched since it opened in 1995 and has housed some of the largest objects in the museum’s collection, including the much- loved Briscoe automobile.

Given that the recently announced provincial reopening plans will keep the museum physically closed to the public through the end of July, the museum decided to take advantage of this time to get the work on the Carriage Hall started. The hope is that by the end of the closure, or shortly thereafter, the museum will be able to show off the exhibit space’s new look.

As Curator/Director Natalie Wood indicated, the theme of the exhibit space “Brockville’s Industrial and Commercial Past” will not be changed, but what people will be able to look at will. “We have had donations of some fairly large objects in recent years, most of which people will remember fondly but have yet to see. One such object we will mount in the renovated space will be the iconic New York Café sign, but that’s the only hint I’m going to give” added Wood.

But the museum needs your help to make this happen! The museum is putting out its “40 for 40” challenge to help pay for the Carriage Hall’s new look. “All we need is 250 people to donate $40 to the Friends of the Brockville Museum – a loonie for every year the museum has been open – and that will raise enough money to give the Carriage Hall the makeover it so desperately needs” adds Wood. The launch of this fundraiser is being done in conjunction with its month-long virtual Facebook Event “The Brockville Museum 40th Anniversary Celebration” which starts on June 1, 2021.

The Carriage Hall makeover will be the last step in the Museum’s transformation of all its exhibits and exhibit spaces started five years ago. “The Carriage Hall is the Museum’s jewel in the crown, and by giving it a fresh new look, I can’t think of a better way for the museum to celebrate not only its 40th birthday” concluded Wood.

You can be one of the 250 people to make this a reality by donating $40 to the Friends of the Brockville Museum. You can donate online through the CanadaHelps.Org link on the museum’s website (go to “support”): Give – Brockville Museum or donate directly by cheque or credit card by contacting Community Engagement Officer, Viktor Kaczkowski, at the Brockville Museum. For further information, he may be reached at museum@brockville.com or calling (613) 342 4397 x 6223.