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Kennedy, Wilhelm, Runne and Kent Henderson declared winners in Tonawanda

Kennedy, Wilhelm, Runne and Kent Henderson declared winners in Tonawanda
Winds exceeding 20 km / h forced the cancellation of the finals on Sunday at the Tonawanda (N.Y.) Regatta in the suburbs of Buffalo.

Brandon Kennedy, in the Grand Prix class, Kent Henderson (Hydro 350), Dylan Runne (Formula 2500) and Richard Wilhelm (2.5 liters) were declared winners by virtue of the points accumulated in the three qualifying rounds held during the weekend.

 The “Steeler” GP-777 was lacking its right sponson after a flip on Saturday at the Regatta in Tonawanda, N.Y.

(Photo: Denis Bourbonnais)

The Niagara River was faithful to its reputation and its restless waters have left behind two racing teams. The GP-777 “Steeler” was separated from its right sponson when Bert Henderson went into the air before falling backwards on Saturday during qualifying.

Sunday, Martin Rochon made a violent hook in the 2nd turn when he led the 3B heat in the Hydro 350 class and the “RTX Racing” H-773 flipped. While the driver escaped unscathed, the hull sustained significant damage.

Martin Rochon made a violent hook in the 2nd turn in the «RTX Racing» H-773.

(Photo : Denis Bourbonnais)

In the Grand Prix, Brandon Kennedy was victorious for the third consecutive time in the “Team H8 Cancer” GP-25 on Sunday, and his perfect 75-point record allowed him to establish his lead at the top of the championship ranking. Local favorite Ken Brodie II won heat 3B and the Grand Island (N.Y.) driver finished 2nd overall in the “Intensity” GP-50.

Scott Liddycoat (GP-93), Mike Monahan (GP-35), Joe Sovie (GP-57) and Marc Théorêt (GP-444) took the subsequent places on the weekend podium. Bert Henderson will have to make the necessary repairs to the “Steeler” and he promised to be in Detroit on August 25 and 26.

His brother Kent Henderson took top honors in Hydro 350 with a first and two second place finishes in Team H-777 “Toban”. The leader in the standings, Rémy Leblanc finished 2nd aboard “AllardMé” H-799, only 3 points behind Henderson, and he secured his position at the top of the championship ranking.

Bobby King (H-242), Douglas Rapp (H-79), Marc Lecompte (H-104) and Jimmy King (H-12) were assured of a place in the final before wind caused the cancellation of the rest of the race program. Joe Less (H-600) was tied with Jimmy King in overall points in 6th place but the latter was favored in the tiebreaker with the fastest time. Less, a sentimental favorite would have had to go through the consolation just like Richard Haineault (Miss Beauharnois H-2) who was 8th in the weekend’s points.

Dylan Runne – F-3

(Photo : HRL)

In the 2.5-liter class, Richard Wilhelm (S-404) and Tommy Shannon (S-4) were tied with 53 points after qualifying. The American driver from New Jersey won because of a time lower than that of the driver of the “Valleyfield Auto Parts”. Frédéric Couturier was able to climb on the 3rd step of the podium thanks to his gain of 42 points in the “Hydroid” S-313, followed by Philippe-Hervé Cardinal (S-222), Derek Demers (S-44) and André Bergeron ( S-18).

In Formula 2500, Dylan Runne (Miss Jesel F-3) was two points ahead of Douglas Rapp’s “Keen’s Sunday Money” F-33 in total points over the weekend. Steve Armstrong (F-69), Grant Hearn (H-14), Bobby King (F-92), Philippe Billette (F-7) and Yan Beaupré (F-36) earned a place in the final, while Marc Theorêt (F-135), 8th in the cumulative, would have had to qualify by the way of consolation.

Dylan Runne has reduced the gap between him and Bobby King to 4 points at the top of the championship ranking. Marc Lalonde (F-751) had a promising start in Guillaume Charrette’s former “Project 7”, while Simon Fortin held Yan Lecompte’s “F-28” seat on 2 of the boat’s 3 outings. Electric Arc Systems “.


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