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OPP: Warning! Virus Detected

OPP: Warning! Virus Detected

LEEDS – A Rideau Lakes resident who provided credit card information to an online fraudster prompts Leeds Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to warn the public about computer tech support scams.

On March 18, 2018, Leeds OPP were advised by the resident that he received a ‘pop up’ warning that there was a worm in the IP address and that correction was required as his computer now had a virus. He contacted a number provided to him who he was lead to believe was legitimate tech support. The fraudster was given remote access and control to his computer for about an hour after which he provided his credit card information.

Leeds OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Mike Francis states ‘People should be cautious about sharing personal or financial information online and to ensure the companies they deal with are legitimate. In similar scenarios, victims later find out they were charged significantly more than initially told.’

Leeds OPP also cautions that the ‘pop up scam’ is often combined with the ‘overpayment scam,’ where the victim is lead to believe they’ve had money accidentally deposited into their account when that is not the case. They then reimburse the scammer.

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