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OPP Advocate Break & Enter Prevention

OPP Advocate Break & Enter Prevention

LEEDS –   As a result of ongoing investigations Leeds OPP wish to provide some tips and helpful advice for the detection and prevention of residential break and enters.

Each year, OPP officers investigate numerous reports of break and enter to area homes and are often successful in the apprehension of the offenders responsible. Much of this success is dependent on the eyes and ears of area residents and here are some tips that can assist community involvement in the detection, prevention and conviction of offenders:


  • Keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious vehicles and persons in the area of your residence. Do not confront possible suspects.
  • Record the licence numbers and description of suspicious vehicles.
  • Record detailed descriptions of occupants of suspicious vehicles.
  • Report your concerns and observations immediately to the Ontario Provincial Police Communications Centre at 1-888-310-1122. Provide your municipal address and your “911” number.
  • Make “would-be” thieves visible, install motion lights or leave an exterior light on to illuminate entrance ways and rear yards.
  • Don’t hide keys in secret places. Instead leave a duplicate with a friend or neighbour.


  • Lock your doors and secure any open windows prior to retiring for the evening.
  • Borrow an engraver from your local OPP Detachment to engrave your valuable belongings. This may discourage theft of valuables and will provide an easy way to identify stolen property.
  • Use a personal identification mark such as your driver’s licence number when engraving your property.
  • For deterrent purposes, the identification marks should be easily identifiable.
  • Record the contents of your home or cottage on paper or using a video camera.
  • Record the serial numbers of your property.
  • Remove expensive articles from your secondary home or cottage when away for extended periods of time.
  • Don’t leave articles out, such as axes and tools that could be used to assist in breaking into your residence.
  • Establish relationships with neighbours and check on each other’s property when away.
  • Lock and secure your property and outside belongings.
  • Invest in an alarm system.
  • If you are away, make sure that your residence looks like it is occupied. Have the sidewalks shovelled, the mail collected, and the grass cut. Use timers to have lights coming on and going off at different intervals.
  • Avoid posting on social media sites when you are away from your residence.

If you discover a break and enter, please contact the OPP immediately at 1-888-310-1122. Do not enter your property as valuable evidence may be disturbed.

For more information on the prevention of residential break and enters, please contact the Leeds Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police at 613-345-1790.


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