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Leeds County OPP Are Riding the Trails

Leeds County OPP Are Riding the Trails

LEEDS –   Leeds OPP officers within the local detachment will be riding the trails checking for snowmobile riders’ compliance during the winter season.

Many of the rules governing motor vehicle drivers apply to snowmobile operators. Examples include speeding, failing to stop at a road crossing and driving with blood/alcohol levels exceeding the legal limit. Failure to comply with the law carries penalties including fines, loss of driver’s licence, criminal charges and/or imprisonment.

“A rider whose Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) is between 0.05 and 0.08 (“Warn Range”), can be issued the same 3-day warning that suspends a driver’s licence on the road, with the result that the offending snowmobiler can no longer drive his/her sled to complete their ride,” said OPP Leeds detachment commander Inspector Mike Francis. “More serious alcohol offences will result in licence suspensions that will prematurely finish a rider’s snowmobiling season. Consequences also get tougher for repeat occurrences.”

To help educate Ontario snowmobilers, Leeds OPP is providing the following checklist. A compliant snowmobile operator must always have on their person or sled:

–  Valid driver’s licence (or if under age 16, a Snow Vehicle Operator’s Licence)

–  Proof of snowmobile ownership

–  Sled registration (including properly placed registration numbers and validation sticker on sled)

–  Proof of sled insurance (pink slip)

–  Approved snowmobile helmet (for each rider)

–  A valid Snowmobile Trail Permit (properly displayed on the sled) with permit receipt

The OPP is committed to saving lives on Ontario’s highways, trails and waterways through the reduction of preventable injury and death.


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