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Crime Stoppers Announces Their “Naughty or Nice” List

Crime Stoppers Announces Their “Naughty or Nice” List

Smiths Falls – Oh we really shouldn’t tease…this is almost entirely a ‘Nice List’…and what a list it is!

1. Apollo Computers: Early on in 2017, the Smiths Falls & District Crime Stoppers decided to increase their public engagement and public information sessions. With so much information to convey, they found themselves needing the right equipment to do the job. Apollo Computers jumped at the opportunity to help and outfitted Crime Stoppers with a top-notch laptop. Nice List!

2. Coffee Culture: On Sunday, November 19th, Coffee Culture opened their doors to Crime Stoppers; turning their shop into the ultimate location for our ‘Cops, Crime Stoppers & Coffee’ event. Not only did they offer up free coffee as we had planned – they gave away a wide variety of beverages, great snacks and even had us shoveled out from that first big dump of snow. Really Nice!

3. Howling Designs: A long-standing and core element of the Crime Stoppers community program has been the van and mobile PA system. The van is not only a symbol of the program but serves as a mobile billboard displaying the toll-free number to use and the rewards that we pay.

With time, all things can lose their luster and the graphics on our van were no exception. The decals had faded in the sun and cracks were beginning to show. Seeing the need our van had for a facelift, a new family and a new company in our community stepped in to offer up their expertise. Starting with the Foley’s daughter (who hand-washed our van at least three times to create an amazing shine), this family business transformed our vehicle into arguably the sharpest looking creation in the Crime Stoppers fleet. Extra Nice!

4. Other Companies: An amazing array of companies pitch-in throughout the year doing so many things to keep our efforts moving forward. A special thanks goes out to Canadian Tire, Impression Printing, Krown Rust, Mac’s (and the Circle K Crime Busters program), Smiths Falls Transmission and so many more. Super Nice!

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