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Crime Stoppers: 3 Easy Tips So You Don’t Get Caught!

Crime Stoppers: 3 Easy Tips So You Don’t Get Caught!

Smiths Falls – Smiths Falls & District Crime Stoppers is so very appreciative of all the help and support that it receives from the community – especially the tips that help solve crimes. So far, 2017 has been a stellar year both in terms of volume/quantity of tips that have been received and the financial support that the community has provided in order to pay our rewards.
When it comes to providing tips, Crime Stoppers would like to remind everyone that our top priority is to keep you (the tipster) safe and anonymous. We have three (3) guaranteed safe methods in place for people to provide their tips and not get caught doing so: ✓ Phone: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) ✓ Online: ✓ Text Message: Text to CRIMES (274637) – in the message field type in the key word “tip252”

Some of the tips we have received in 2017 have arrived in some unusual forms – and we want to stress how potentially unsafe this may be to our tipsters. Here are a few examples of tip methods that you should never use:  Carrier Pigeon  Mail  Social Media (such as Twitter, Facebook etc.)  In Person  Anything other than the three (3) methods provided by Crime Stoppers
Again, this reminder is being provided so that we can continue to make sure that our tipsters always remain anonymous. Anonymity keeps our tipsters safe.
If you’ve read this far hoping to learn tips on how not to get caught after committing a crime (look again at the title), we have only one simple tip for you: Crime Doesn’t Pay…But Crime Stoppers Does!

Thanks and keep those tips coming!

Did you know? Crime Stoppers does not receive funding from any level of government. Crime Stoppers operates exclusively on funds raised by the board members of each individual program and on donations provided by the public.

Crime Stoppers is making a difference in your community! If you would like to make a donation or if you have time to volunteer with Smiths Falls and District Crime Stoppers, please contact Carl Evoy at 613-283-2444.


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