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Comprehensive Lake Reports Now Available on CRCA Website

Comprehensive Lake Reports Now Available on CRCA Website

Kingston – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has now completed and published its first ever Regional Lake Assessment Report and Lake Fact Sheets for 45 lakes within the Cataraqui Region watershed.

The Report and Fact Sheets are available at a new page on our website:, and is broken down into sub-sections representing the four primary watersheds within the CRCA jurisdiction (Cataraqui River, Gananoque River, Millhaven Creek and Collins Creek). Within each of those categories there are fact sheets for individual lakes within those watersheds which come up in PDF format that can be read online, printed or downloaded. The Lake Assessment Report and fact sheets were launched at a Lake Information event on May 28, that was held at the Outdoor Centre at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.

The Regional Lake Assessment Report was created to outline the importance, methods, and results of lake monitoring in the Cataraqui Region. As part of this work, Lake Fact Sheets were produced for 45 lakes within the region to provide maps, note physical features, assess water quality, identify invasive species and outline aquatic diversity.

There are many factors that influence our lakes including nutrient loading, invasive species and development pressure. By collecting information through lake monitoring programs, it is possible to accumulate enough data to be able to identify concerns, issues or special features. This information is crucial for effective lake management for not only the CRCA, but also for municipalities, provincial ministries and property owners with frontage on lakes or lake users in general.

There is a ‘button’ on the web page called ‘Assessment Report’ that offers general information about aspects of our lakes, as well as instructions on how to read the Fact Sheets, a glossary of terms and contact information about local lake associations.

For more information about the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, visit or call (613) 546-4228 x 500 or toll free in the 613 region at 1-877-956-CRCA (2722).

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