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Welcoming Featured Blogger Tanya Hammond of Write Time!

Welcoming Featured Blogger Tanya Hammond of Write Time!

Please join us in giving a warm Hometown TV12 welcome to Tanya Hammond who brings her “Write Time” blog to our pages!

We asked Tanya to take a few moments to introduce herself to all of you and the following is what she has shared with us.  We hope you will check enjoy our latest addition!

Hi, I am a lifelong Lyndhurst resident who enjoyed growing up on a local family farm called Corn Acre Farms. The love of land kept me close by where my husband and I reside on a farm of our own. I am a proud Mother of a grown Son who remains an integral part of my parent’s farm and who has blessed us with two beautiful Grandchildren. I am also a Step-Mom to a lovely young lady who prefers the city life of Kingston where she currently resides.

Growing up surrounded by strong self-employed role models such as my parents it is no surprise that I am a multi passionate entrepreneur. My working hours are a balance between being an Insurance Broker with Eastern Ontario Financial Services and being a freelance writer. As an Insurance Broker I help people with their insurance, investment and estate planning needs and as a freelance writer, I shine a spotlight on the people, places, and things that inspire me.

With previous experience as owner and publisher of a parenting publication my desire to inform, inspire or simply entertain led me to resume writing, this time under the business name “Write Time; writing for wisdom, wonder & whimsy.” I am also a published Poet and most recently had my work selected for inclusion in a poetic anthology titled “Canada’s 150th Who We Are Where We Are Where We Need to be Going” which was launched July 1st at Kingston’s Artfest.

Along with my qualifications in finance and vast agricultural experience,  I hold a certificate in both nutrition and environmental science and have training in Reiki thus my blog topics may well be varied. I welcome any suggestions and ideas for future blog posts that you might have, and I look forward to sharing my view of the world with you.


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