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Vote4Housing Brockville Mayoral Candidates Debate – October 9th

Vote4Housing Brockville Mayoral Candidates Debate – October 9th

Brockville – On Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 there will be a Housing Candidates Debate at 2:00PM at Royal Brockville Retirement Living at 100 Stewart Blvd in Brockville, Ontario.

The event will run between 1 and 1.5 hours and is free of charge to attend. That said, there will be the option to donate to the Pathways to Prosperity student grant for local students living in poverty who are attending a local post secondary school. We encourage candidates to bring their friends, colleagues and supporters, and please promote the charity. Your pins, signs, and pamphlets are all welcomed and encouraged, but we ask that you also encourage decorum and make the expectation clear that there is to be no rude behaviour of any kind tolerated. The Royal Brock is graciously donating the space, but there are people who do live there during daytime hours as well, so we must remain respectful at all times.

In 2014 a similar debate was held which received full media coverage, and this will be the fifth debate of this kind in our local communities, spanning all three levels of government. This meeting is specific to mayoral candidates, and information on the #Vote4Housing campaign will also be available. The debate will include a number of questions specifically about affordable and non profit housing, and homelessness initiatives happening locally. Questions from the floor will not be included in the event, but candidates are both welcomed and encouraged to arrive early and/or stay late to meet with would-be electors.

Leading up to, at the event, and following it, we encourage media, candidates and their supporters to use the hashtag #Vote4Housing on their social media. The campaign will be introduced and explored as part of the event. Please feel free to forward this event to your contacts or any interested parties. You will enter through the front door and will be directed by staff to directions to the room where the event is being held.

Each candidate will be given two minutes to answer each question, as well as a two minute introduction and two minutes each for closing statements. Our goal, time permitting is to ask all of our questions, and they will be forwarded to our local media.

I am beyond grateful for your participation in this discussion. On this day, I am representing my role with the Ontario Non Profit Housing Association and a local housing advocate. Whatever my political leanings following the event end up being, this event is being presented in a non-partisan context. Each candidate is receiving the same questions and will have the same opportunity and length of time to respond. Further to that, these questions ask candidates to bring suggestions and ideas forward. This is about ideas.

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