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The THINK RINK Fundraiser Being Held September 22nd

The THINK RINK Fundraiser Being Held September 22nd

Family-Friendly Kick-off Fundraiser for New Prescott Arena!

Prescott – Windmill Brewery and The Town of Prescott are hosting an event in support of Prescott’s new arena. The purpose of this event is to bring the community together with a family‐friendly kick‐off fundraiser for the new Prescott arena.

The ‘THINK RINK’ Fundraiser is being held on Saturday, September 22 from 12noon to 5:00pm at the Windmill Brewery Pavilion, 5 Newport Drive, Johnstown.

Sean Lucey, owner of Windmill Brewery says “We’ve been involved in several fundraisers and know that organizers can always use a bit of seed‐money to get their activities under‐way. Prescott is at the core of our community and we all grew up on that rink, we know how important it is for the kids and families and want to help keep them close to for their hockey, figure skating and of course the family skates too. By bringing a few businesses together we just want to let everyone know we’re on‐side and want to do what we can help get the process going.”

Others that have gotten on‐board early include Canadian Tire, O’Reilly’s Independent Grocer, Newport BBQ & Bakery, Tim Horton’s, The Prescott Journal, Coast 107.5 FM and Durand and Associates as the stage sponsor.

“When approached to participate we had no hesitation. The rink is a huge and important part of our community and we all want to see it come back as soon as possible” said Ken Durant Jr. of Durant and Associates.

The day will include live music, a BBQ, speeches by local dignitaries, hockey and figure skating groups and more.

This is a family friendly event – all are welcome. This is a rain or shine event. Entertainment is provided by HappyCrap, Ryan James, U other 2 and Sue Prosser.

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