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Thanks from a local dad

Thanks from a local dad

Pictured is William Moulton with his four children, all born at Brockville General Hospital with support from Generations Midwifery Care. William shares his appreciation on how recent changes made their last birth experience such a positive life-event. BGH Submitted Photo

Brockville – The following was a letter received by Brockville General Hospital and Generations Midwifery Care from a proud father and husband, William Moulton.

Zoe was born on Wednesday, May 17at 8:40 am. It was a connected and family‐oriented experience, thanks to recent improvements at Brockville General Hospital.

Zoe’s birth was Rosanna’s (my wife) fourth caesarean at BGH, so this is not our first time “around the block”. Since our first child’s birth, six‐and‐a‐half years ago, there have been significant, positive changes made in the delivery process associated with a C‐section.

This recent experience was by far the most connected and family oriented procedure I have ever been a part of. Even last‐minute alterations were made to accommodate our requests – and the team was very willing to be flexible.

Communication between the clinical team and my wife was clearly a priority. Rosanna was able to see the birth of her child, because of the use of a transparent sheet, and once the baby was placed with Rosanna, the team was able to interact and monitor Rosanna and our new daughter.

Skin‐to‐skin was also important to the team. I believe that allowing skin-to‐ skin contact as soon as our baby was delivered was beneficial to both Rosanna and the baby, with a successful latch being obtained 26 minutes after delivery – including weighing time!

As a father, I appreciated both the transparent sheet and involvement in the skin‐to‐skin process. I was able to hold my baby during Rosanna’s transfer from the surgery table to the hospital bed. Historically at this point in the process, Rosanna and I were split up. For two of our children, I kept the baby, for one child Rosanna kept the baby, and this time – we all stayed
together. As a team in life, we rely on each other in these crucial moments to be present and aware – doctors’ instructions, new baby on the move, and the health of your wife! I was very pleased when I was told that I would be allowed to go to recovery with my wife and newborn.

The teamwork was evident in the operating room. Communication between the BGH team and with our midwife, from Generations Midwifery Care, was transparent and since there were some things happening for the first time – it was obvious the team was intent on succeeding together with this new approach to making this process more like a natural birth. This effort was not missed by both Rosanna and I – and we greatly appreciate the effort that was extended. In our instance, a mother that is ready and able to go home 27 hours after a caesarean is certainly something that shows me these are all positive changes.

We are so happy to see these changes and though we may not be back to take advantage of them again – we will happily tell others of our positive experience. A big THANK YOU to the team and keep up the good work!

William Moulton

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