Secret Counties E-mails Confirm Plan to sell and turn Spencerville dump site ED-19 into Imported Waste Mega-Dump – HomeTown TV12

Secret Counties E-mails Confirm Plan to sell and turn Spencerville dump site ED-19 into Imported Waste Mega-Dump

Secret Counties E-mails Confirm Plan to sell and turn Spencerville dump site ED-19 into Imported Waste Mega-Dump

Written by Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump

Edwardsburgh-Cardinal – The residents’ group opposing Leeds and Grenville’s contemplated sale of the unopened ED-19 Dump site to an outside company have obtained previously undisclosed emails from Counties’ CAO, Andy Brown, which confirm that Counties Council has indeed proposed a sale to Tomlinson for use as a ‘Mega Dump’ for imported waste.

Warden Jones and CAO Andy Brown have repeatedly stated this year, once news on this potential sale became public, that no deal is (or was) on the table. This has been publicly reasserted on multiple occasions by various Mayors on Counties Council.

The emails confirm what the Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump have been contending since the proposed sale of the site to the Tomlinson group first surfaced.

“In one e-mail dated July 6, 2016, Brown discusses the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement between Tomlinson and Counties Council. Then, as of October 13, 2016 “formal negotiations” began after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which had been signed by both Counties Council and Tomlinson.

In a response to a question posed by Mayor Pat Sayeau of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, dated November 30, 2016, Brown replies that “Please feel free to state that we have been working on this for over a year. We are currently in the process of negotiating a potential price. We are anticipating to have this part of the process completed by the end of March 2017.”

Then, on January 12, 2017, Brown states that “After numerous years of discussion, we are currently in negotiations with them [Tomlinson]…” and that “Currently our discussions are focused on compensation/price…”

After the public meeting hosted by Counties, in Spencerville, in February 2017, Brown states on March 6, 2017 (attached) that negotiations with Tomlinson “are continuing”, in spite of assurances at the CAD’s first public appearance before Counties Council on March 7, 2017 (the next morning) that “no deal is on the table.” Brown’s email also seeks the MOECC’s advice about how to expand the unopened dump and how to allow imported waste into the dump. In addition, Brown infers that MPP Steve Clark’s inquiries on this issue to MOECC staff, on behalf of his constituents, was? not helping the Counties negotiating position with Tomlinson.

The emails confirm that contrary to the very clear assurances provided by the Warden and members of Leeds and Grenville Counties Council, not only have negotiations to sell the site to Tomlinson continued, the Counties have signed an MOU to hand over the site to Tomlinson.

“Leeds and Grenville Council has been flat out dishonest with us and with the residents of the Counties”, stated CAD spokesperson, Kyle Johnston?. “We have caught them in their lies”. Johnston added that he expected that the secret emails would give the Canadian Environmental Law Association a strong position to request that Environment Minister, Glenn Murray, revoke the 20 year old approval for the unopened dump site. said Kyle Johnston, Spokesperson, Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump.


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