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Prescott OPP Remind Everyone to Think About Water Safety

Prescott OPP Remind Everyone to Think About Water Safety

Prescott – As summer holidays fast approach the Grenville County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind the public to think about safety prior to swimming and boating. Tragic and avoidable fatalities, caused by drowning, occur across Canada every year.

It is especially important for adults to keep an eye over their young children, whether they are playing on the beach, the backyard pool, or in a bathtub. Small children can drown in only a few centimeters of water. Adult supervision of children near water, even if they can swim, will assist in the prevention of drowning.

Even older children or strong adult swimmers can find themselves in distress when swimming or wading in an area with a strong current or in a weeded area. It’s always best to know your waters, swim with a buddy and consider wearing a lifejacket.

Alcohol consumption is another factor which contributes to adult fatalities in the water, both for swimmers and boaters.

If boating this summer, the OPP would like to encourage the public to follow these safety tips:

Always wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
Ensure the PFD fits snug and securely
Use common sense and operate any vessel responsibly
Operate your watercraft at safe speeds at all times, especially in crowded areas
Be courteous of others using the water and obey all boating rules
Be cautious of swimmers and other marine operators, and always have a spotter for water-skiers and tube riders
Stay alert and keep your eyes on the water.
Avoid alcohol- alcohol and watercrafts don’t Mix

If you suspect that someone is operating a boat while impaired, call 9-1-1. For additional information on boating safety check

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