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OPP Back to School Safe Driving Reminder

OPP Back to School Safe Driving Reminder

With children and youth returning to school, the Grenville County Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious on the roads during this busy time of the year.

Additionally, young drivers will be on the road driving to high school for the first time. Motorists are reminded that with all the distractions on the road today, it is critical to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. The beginning of the school year is an especially important time to check your driving behavior and ensure you are practicing the safest driving habits.

Every driver, encountering a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, shall stop before reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing according to Section 175(11) of the Highway Traffic Act. The minimum fine for failing to stop is $400.

Slowdown in school zones and be extra cautious. Motorists should watch for Community Safety Zones, where speed limits are reduced and fines increased. Community safety zones are clearly marked with road signs and are found near schools.

Drivers can expect to see an increased police presence. Adjust your driving, pay attention and be prepared to stop for children and school buses.  Please do your part in making “Back to School ” safe for everyone!

If you observe reckless driving or suspect a driver is impaired, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so, and report the incident to the police by calling 911.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s all do our part to keep kids safe this back-to-school season.

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