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Highlights from the UCDSB Board of Trustees Meeting held October 24

Highlights from the UCDSB Board of Trustees Meeting held October 24

Brockville  – Trustees with the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) met on Wednesday, October 24 to discuss several agenda items.

Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Wellness (BIPSAW): Principals of
Teaching and Learning Jennifer McMaster and Shelly Corlyon discussed the 2018-19 BIPSAW.
This plan sets out ways to improve student achievement in math and literacy. Under the plan,
schools are being asked to focus on engaging learning experiences and improve assessment
and feedback practices for students.

The goal is to see more of our students reach the provincial achievement standard, where
students obtain a score of Level 3 or higher on the assessments administered by the Education,
Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). In this case, the Board’s Improvement Plan sets a
target of a 3 per cent increase in the number of UCDSB students meeting the provincial
standard for achievement or higher in junior and primary EQAO reading scores, and a 1 per
cent increase in writing, by the end of 2019.

The Board aims to reach its literacy goals for its students in several ways, such as: hosting staff
conferences on how to improve student reading and writing, and assessment practices; the use
of specialists to help teachers improve teaching practices; and working with students to set
goals for achievement in reading and writing.

The plan to improve mathematics skills is to create learning experiences with students that
engage them through practical, real-life uses of math – such as the SFDCI Canoe Project.
Teachers will receive support from board staff with specific expertise in this area and through
staff development to improve instructional practices. Through this support, teachers will work
further with students to boost their understanding and skill of the “basics” of addition,
subtraction, multiplication and division.

The plan also calls for ongoing monitoring and assessment of students’ success, which will
inform planning for next steps for support for teachers in their work.

International Baccalaureate Programme at Brockville Collegiate Institute: Trustees voted on
Wednesday, Oct. 24 to discontinue the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Brockville
Collegiate Institute as of June 2020. Students who enrolled in September 2018 can continue,
but no new students will be enrolled. The IB program is an additional opportunity for BCI

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