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LGL COVID-19 Vaccine Status Report – February 22, 2021

LGL COVID-19 Vaccine Status Report – February 22, 2021


LGL COVID-19 Vaccine Status Report
Week of February 22nd

 Local Vaccine Status will be updated weekly; we will update more frequently if we receive information that requires urgent release. Please note, our local plan is adjusted anytime new direction is received from the province. 

What was done last week?
  • Due to another delay in our shipment this week a few clinics were pushed back.
  • Continued second doses for residents in Long Term Care Homes.
  • From February 15th  – February 21st : 375 individuals received their first dose of vaccine this week and 562 individuals received their second dose of vaccine
  • total of 2954 individuals have received at least one dose of vaccine (either through the KHSC Clinic, the Ottawa Hospital Clinic or one of our mobile clinics) since our roll out started.
What is the plan for this week?

·        Soft launch some of our fixed vaccination clinics for our stage 2 roll out. Sites are planned in Almonte, Smiths Falls, Brockville and Kemptville. Instructions on how to book appointments and what to expect will be communicated through the place of work or another group representative for the priority groups. Media wanting to get more info or photos from these sites must contact media@healthunit.org; please do not go to the sites in person.

·        Priority groups will be invited to attend these clinics and will be provided an unique booking code that will allow them book directly online or through the health unit.

What are we working on for next week
  • Continue to build capacity in our four fixed sites.
  • Roll out will continue with stage 1 second doses for residents in LTCHs and HR RHs, and first and second doses for staff and essential caregivers in LTCHs and HR RHs.
  • Planning to begin rollout for first doses for residents in Retirement Homes.
  • When the fixed clinics are able to open to a wider population, including adults 80 years of age and older, booking instructions will be made known on the website, through social media, local radio and newspaper, local organizations, and health care providers. We have received many calls and emails from adults 80 years of age and older asking how they will know when to book an appointment, so please share this information with your family, friends, and neighbours in this age group.
  •  Adults 79 years and younger will begin in stage 5 of our roll out. We anticipate that this will begin in April
What can I do now?


·         Get informed  visit COVID-19 Protection and Vaccine

·         Stay healthy

o   Follow COVID precautions – wear a mask, keep the 2m/6ft distance from others, follow stay at home order

o   Stay home if sick and contact the Assessment Centres for testing

o   Ensure your other immunizations are up to date

o   o   Discuss any concerns with your health care provider, here is the link to consent form COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form (gov.on.ca)

•        Be patient. It will take time for COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed to everyone in the community. Each group will be specifically identified and notified in advance to plan for vaccination – information will be posted on our website, social media, local media, and through healthcare and community partners – you won’t be missed!

*High Risk Retirement Homes are defined as those that are co-located with a long term care home and/or have a formal memory unit within the facility.

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