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New OR Bed Provides for Even Better Orthopedic Patient Outcomes

New OR Bed Provides for Even Better Orthopedic  Patient Outcomes

Smiths Falls –  The Hana Bed is a state of the art operating room table that allows the patient to receive a total hip replacement that is minimally invasive when compared to the traditional procedure.  The table allows the surgeon to position the patient in such a way that no muscles are cut.  The surgeon can repair and replace from the front or anterior position of the patient rather than through muscle tissue.  This supports a same day or next day return home for patients allowing for the healing process to begin quickly.  Patients who have their procedure via the Hana Bed experience a quicker recuperation time.

Through a shared effort of the Smiths Falls Community Hospital Foundation and Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Orthopedics Program at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital now has this technology to offer this procedure to patients.  It should be noted that PSFDH is the only hospital in the South East Local Health Integration Network with this equipment.

Dr. Mark Roberts, Orthopedic Surgeon, has touted the benefits and patient outcomes which are many such as smaller incision, less invasive through the muscle and less pain.  The first procedure was a great success and the patient was able to return home the next day and to most regular activities in a shortened timeframe.  To date, PSFDH has performed 25 procedures utilizing this equipment.

The Hana bed is an extraordinary gift that allows us to reduce the in-patient stay for total hip replacement from three (3) days including the day of surgery to an overnight stay or even same day surgery. “The muscle sparing approach greatly reduces pain and has been an absolute game changer in terms of how well people function afterwards and how quickly they recover. People are so used to hearing about all the restrictions immediately after a hip replacement and with the direct anterior approach there simply are none. It’s incredible to see how well people do compared to more traditional surgery,” stated Mark Roberts, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Featured Photo: From L-R:  GWM Foundation: George McLennan, Paul Martin, Margot Hallam, Executive Director, Aubrey Churchill, PSFDH: Dr. Mark Roberts, Wendy McPhee, OR Nurse, Alison Kaczan, OR Nurse, Wanita Andress, OR Nurse, NURSE, SFCH Foundation: Irv Mazurkiewicz, Eileen Crosbie, Brian Pigeon, Lise Smith, Executive Director

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