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Henderson: Ford Holds Funding for Ransom

Henderson: Ford Holds Funding for Ransom

No funding to Leeds Grenville Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes unless locals knuckle under to Ford’s priorities

BROCKVILLE —Doug Ford says that, as premier, he’ll cut provincial funding to municipalities across Eastern Ontario unless they abandon local priorities and knuckle under to his downtown Toronto orders. The result will be a slash and burn to municipal budgets, cutting valued social services and forcing higher property taxes.

As reported in the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, “Doug Ford said he would be willing to help the City of Cornwall…but only if municipalities across the province start cutting what a PC government would deem as wasteful spending.” At a rally in Cornwall, Ford said he would demand to “look through the books” of all municipalities before agreeing to fund infrastructure, “to make sure we aren’t wasting money in any town or city.”

Doug Ford voted to cut funding for child care, community grants and youth services during his time at Toronto City Hall. He voted against reducing the wait-list for children needing speech training. Ford also slashed 21 jobs in children’s services between 2011 and 2012 among numerous other jobs in emergency medical services, shelter supports, housing and social development. These are the types of ‘efficiencies’ he’s focused on.

What Ford doesn’t think is wasteful is giving a $1.3 billion-dollar tax cut to the wealthiest corporations – like the
one he owns. To pay for his promises, Ford plans deep cuts to the programs and services families need – and he’ll hold funding for municipalities ransom until they do the same.

The Ontario Liberal plan chooses to invest in care and opportunity with free prescription drugs for kids and seniors, universal childcare for toddlers, and free tuition for low income students. That’s a stark contrast to the harsh austerity Doug Ford is promising for towns and cities across the province.

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