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Grand Opening of Career Services New Venture ‘Kollage Square Knitting Needles’ Held on Friday

Grand Opening of Career Services New Venture ‘Kollage Square Knitting Needles’ Held on Friday

Photo Courtesy of MPP Steve Clark

Brockville – The Grand Opening of Career Services Brockville’s new venture, ‘Kollage Square Knitting Needles’ was held on Friday, January 24th.

Career Services recently purchased the manufacturing rights and patent for Kollage Square. The brand has had a few owners over the years starting in Alabama then moving to a production facility just North of Prescott Ontario on Hands Road.

In a press release, they said staff at Career Services are hoping that Kollage has found a permanent home at its Hubbell Street location in Brockville.

“We have listened, after months of product development through process improvements, customer surveys and focus groups, Career Services is ready to launch Kollage Square needles. It is our hope that knitters around the world will embrace our quality products and our mission to help individuals with barriers gain employment. We are Knitting Live Together,” said Dave Smith, Business Operations Manager at Career Services.

The Product was designed to make knitting more ergonomically friendly, helping people with arthritis and joint pain knit for longer periods of time with ease.

“I have a serious wrist injury and they allow me to continue knitting with less pain.,” said one recently surveyed customer.

Adrian Geraghty and Cynthia Sparring, Executive Director of Career Services cut the cake at the official opening of Kollage Needles! – Photo by Doreen Barnes

The accommodation of the “Square” design of the needle is something that aligns with Career Services core beliefs. An organization that has helped people with disabilities find and maintain employment for over 40 years.

“Can’t wait to see your new accomplishments and be one of the people who will buy them. When you asked the question, I replied about how I depended on your needles to knit socks because of my arthritis. Thank you Kollage.” Said Linda Cannon when she heard of the re-launch.

Kollage Needles are sold in over 250 stores and online retailers across North America and Europe. A re-design of there packaging has been an exciting addition to the marketplace that has retailers buying up stock during the relaunch in the early weeks of 2020.

The Product line doesn’t end with Knitting Needles as later this year Kollage will re- launch Crochet Hooks. Same metal design as the Needle but with a wood handle so customers can crochet with comfortable ease and more uniformed stitches.

Career Services has been searching for years for a product to call their own from the manufacturing process through to distribution. They are very excited about this product and the opportunities it will bring them and the clients they serve.

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