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Flood Warning Update: Cataraqui & Gananoque Rivers

Flood Warning Update: Cataraqui & Gananoque Rivers

Kingston – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has updated its Flood Warning today for the Cataraqui River and Gananoque River systems.

More than 170 mm of rain has fallen in the region since May 1, with a possible 10-20 mm forecast in the coming days.

Unprecedented water levels have been reported in the Cataraqui River system lakes (Canoe Lake, Kingsford Lake, Devil Lake, Buck Lake, Loughborough Lake, Opinicon Lake, Cranberry Lake, Colonel By Lake, Newboro Lake, Sand Lake, and Dog Lake). These levels are already above 2014 levels and are expected to increase further over the next few days. It must be noted that 2014 was a ‘1 in 100-year event’ that saw record water levels.

The Gananoque River system has not yet reached 2014 levels however; further water level increases over the next couple of days are expected.

Widespread flooding of low-lying areas may occur or is already occurring in the affected areas. Municipalities have been advised and are assessing the situation to determine appropriate response. Residents with homes in the floodplain can contact their municipality for further information.

Specific locations where water levels are exceptionally high include*:

– Sydenham Lake

– Charleston Lake

– Opinicon Lake

– Canoe Lake

– Gananoque Lake

– Cranberry Lake

– Kingsford Lake

– Marble Rock Rd.

– Colonel By Lake

– Devil Lake

– Graham Lake

– Newboro Lake

– Buck Lake

– Lyndhurst Lake

– Sand Lake

– Loughborough Lake

– Delta

– Dog Lake

– Millhaven Creek

– Wilton Creek

– Collins Creek

* connected lakes and watercourses, associated with the above list, may also be affected.

Water managers continue to conduct operations to minimize effects of this widespread flood event impacting all jurisdictions, beyond the CRCA watershed.

The CRCA is advising residents to take all precautions necessary to prepare for flooding. If water levels are approaching a building, a sandbag berm may be appropriate. Contact your municipality for further information regarding sandbags. For current flood information and resources on how to prepare for a flood and building a sandbag berm visit www.crca.ca/flood.

Stream and riverbanks are slippery, water currents are strong, and the water itself remains dangerously cold. The CRCA is urging residents to exercise caution outdoors around lakes and streams, and to stay away from the cold, deep, fast flowing watercourses, as well as any dams or flooded areas.

CRCA staff will continue to monitor conditions, forecasts, and update statements as needed.

This Flood Warning will remain in effect until May 10, 2017.

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