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Counties posed to exclude community group from proposed Waste Management Task Force

Counties posed to exclude community group from proposed Waste Management Task Force

June 08, 2017 Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump (CAD)

Edwardsburgh-Cardinal – On May 30, counsel for CAD, Rick Lindgren (Canadian Environmental Law Association), sent a letter to Counties Council requesting, amongst other things:

….. early and regular input with respect to the Waste Management Task Force to be established pursuant to your Council’s other motion dated May 25, 2017. As the motion states, the initial task is to develop Terms of Reference for the Task Force. In this regard, our client requests your Council to ensure that meaningful public consultation on the proposed Terms of Reference is carried out as soon as possible. Moreover, our client also seeks representation on the actual Task Force. In short, CAD has a demonstrated interest in waste management issues, and CAD members may be affected by the potential conclusions of the Task Force’s work.

On Tuesday June 6th, at County Council Committee of the Whole, Council voted on a terms of reference that neither CAD nor any other member of the public had been consulted on, or included in. Rather than including stakeholders with a demonstrated interest, the task force will be comprised solely of five members of Counties Council without representation from potentially affected stakeholders or community groups, most notably CAD.

CAD did not receive a response from Counties Council re. any of the requests made by CELA in the May 30th letter, including the request to be consulted on the creation of the terms of reference or representative membership on the committee.

CAD understands that motions proposed at the Committee of the Whole meeting are recommendations to Council only, that the final vote on this matter will take place at Counties Council meeting on Thursday, June 22nd, and that there will be a resolution at the Council meeting to actually appoint the Task Force. We plan to let Council know how we feel on this matter.

“It is extremely disappointing not to be heard on such an important matter. CAD continues to try to engage in meaningful dialogue with elected officials at Counties Council. Unfortunately, it seems to be a one-way conversation.” said Kyle Johnston, Spokesperson, Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump


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