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COPS, CRIME STOPPERS & COFFEE! Sunday, November 19th in Smiths Falls

COPS, CRIME STOPPERS & COFFEE! Sunday, November 19th in Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls – So often we all face the same dilemma and the same set of important questions such as:

  • Where will I get a great cup of coffee this weekend?’ and
  •  ‘Will there be interesting people to talk to over that coffee?’ and most important,
  • ‘What if I don’t have enough change buried in all that pocket lint so that I can buy that great cup of coffee?’

Fortunately, the Smiths Falls Police Service and the Smiths Falls Crime Stoppers care about important questions like these AND we have the answers! There are some important formulas – like E=mc2 – to help make sense of life…but we like the following formula much better:

Coffee Culture + Cops + Crime Stoppers = FREE COFFEE

In case you don’t like complex math, we’ll break our formula down. If you would like to chat with some Crime Stoppers or meet some of your Smiths Falls Police, then come to Coffee Culture on Sunday, November 19th between 8:00AM and 11:00AM. When you walk in the door, just say that you’re coming out to meet with them and the coffee is free!

It takes great community partners to make fun events such as this a possibility. We’d like to thank Coffee Culture for their support and their incredible coffee!

  • Sunday, November 19th from 8AM to 11AM
  • Coffee Culture – 2 Russell Street East, Smiths Falls

Did you know? Crime Stoppers does not receive funding from any level of government. Crime Stoppers operates exclusively on funds raised by the board members of each individual program and on donations provided by the public.

Crime Stoppers is making a difference in your community! If you would like to make a donation or if you have time to volunteer with Smiths Falls and District Crime Stoppers, please contact Carl Evoy at 613-283-2444.


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