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Canine Watersports Canadian Championships This Weekend in Brockville

Canine Watersports Canadian Championships This Weekend in Brockville

Brockville – The Canine Watersports Canadian Championships returns to Brockville this weekend from Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27th at Hardy Park.

Come out to watch K9 competitors compete in this dock jumping competition. Dogs will run down a 36’ dock and jump into a 45’ pool of water and are judged by the distance they jump.

It runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day with the finals set for Sunday at 3:00pm.

There are four desciplines at Canine Watersports Canada:

JUMP: is long distance jumping, and the main feature of Canine Watersports Canada events. Dogs run down our 36′ dock and jump into our 45′ pool of water chasing their toy. Scores are determined by our judges who measure the jump from the end of the dock to where the base of the dog’s tail enters the water. Each competitor gets two jumps, with the bigger of the two jumps counting as their score. The dog’s best score from the 2 jumps is placed into one of our 5 divisions according to the distance jumped. The top 5 dogs in each division will qualify to compete in the FINALS at the end of the event.

TOSS is similar to Jump, however, the Dog must catch the object thrown by the handler. Each competitor gets two jump and they both count if the object is caught. Then the jumps are added together for the score. Not only it is an added challenge for dog to catch the thrown object while in mid- air, but it also requires skill and strategy from the handler.

GRAB: is a height and distance game. ​*There will now be 2 divisions in Grab! The first division will be known as Rookie Grab and will reward the top 3 grabs from at 8′-15′, the second division will be Pro Grab and will reward the top 3 grabs 16′ and over. A bumper is suspended on a rig which is always measured 2′ from the dock. The bumper NEVER goes higher than what it originally starts at, and for every successful Grab the rig is moved down the side of the pool, in 1′ increments. This game is not about height!
It starts at a minimum distance of 8’ out from the end of the dock for Rookie Grab and 16′ for Pro Grab. The dog must knock the bumper out of it’s hold in order to move to the next level. If the dog is successful the rig is moved down the pool at 1’ increments. If the dog misses on the first try, they immediately take a second try. The dog that grabs or knocks the bumper off at the furthest distance wins and the dog that make 2 unsuccessful knock offs or Grabs at the same distance are eliminated. ​

LURE: is a timed swimming race that is similar to lure coursing in the water. The dog starts 5’ from the pool end of the dock and the dogs 2 front feet must remain on the 5′ line until they jump (pulling your dog back or slingshot your dog will lead to automatic disqualification). A second handler can stand at the other end of the pool, near the finish line to encourage the dog to swim faster. A “lure” bumper can be thrown into the water in front of the dog and will be pulled to the 35’ finish line by a Canine Watersports Canada staff member or volunteer standing at the other end of the pool, the handler can throw a toy past the 35′ mark or the handler can stand at the end of the pool and LURE the dog with his favorite toy. The stopwatch is started when the dog leaves the dock and stops when the dogs nose crosses the 35′ mark. Each dog will have 2 tries to achieve their fastest time.

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