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C.O.P.S. Response to OPP Costing Timeline

C.O.P.S. Response to OPP Costing Timeline

Brockville – Hometown TV12 contacted Citizens Offering Police Support (COPS) Chair Cec Drake to get COPS reaction to the OPP Costing Timeline released on Wednesday by the Mayor of Brockville.

“When I read the TV12 story about an April 12 date set for a decision on the policing question, I was surprised. I knew there was a schedule coming but I didn’t think our Council would follow advice from the Mayor of Pembroke. His advice was to keep the people’s involvement to a minimum. COPS will attend the Council meeting on Feb.14 to ask for time to do a proper costing that includes an impact study. If the deadline is not carved in stone then there should room for some consideration.

I don’t think one public meeting where councilors are face to face with citizens is enough. COPS has urged council to seek balance in the costing since we have only heard from two communities, Orillia and Pembroke, which chose OPP service. In Orillia’s case that was 20 years ago. We also have the example of two small Ontario communities – Cavan Monaghan Township near Peterborough and the Town of St. Mary’s near Stratford – that have decided to drop OPP and contract policing with nearby municipal police services.

Are there other service models out there? I understand the City of Kawaratha Lakes, northwest of Peterborough, has a blended police model. It is policed by both the Kawartha Lakes Police Service, for Lindsay (population approximately 20,000) and Ops Township, and the Kawartha Lakes detachment of OPP for the rest of the municipality.

At some point in this rushed process I hope we can get the OPP to explain exactly what they will provide. Year 4 seems to be a secret. They tell us to do our own costing using their costing model. The question is how many officers are in zone 4? And are they here all the time? How can the city enter into a contract without knowing what the contract is for? I don’t mean the cost; I am talking about the level of service.

Remember everyone, we are not comparing apples to apples.

It is very important for the people of Brockville to pay attention to this. They need to come to the meetings and they need to tell their council to keep the Brockville Police. Our councilors are good people, they are easy to talk to and would love to hear from you on this issue. So please give them a call, send an email, a tweet or just write a letter. Please do it soon.

The Brockville Police Service is a part of our city’s culture and its history. It is interwoven with the people and supports our values. The Brockville police service is a pillar of our community.

We must keep our Brockville Police Service.”

Cec Drake


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