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Volunteers bring an uplifting experience to BGH

Volunteers bring an uplifting experience to BGH

Brockville – Members from the Brockville General Volunteer Association (BGVA) have donated funds for the purchase of a new patient lifting system for the CT scanner.

“This new lifting system, will mean we are able to move patients from hospital beds and wheelchairs with ease when they come for a CT scan,” explains Nathan Tompkins, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging. “This is equipment that will benefit patients care and the staff members who provide the care.”

“We are so excited to purchase this much-needed piece of equipment for the hospital,” tells Sandra Devaney, President of the BGVA. “Our Volunteers work tirelessly to raise funds throughout the year, enabling us to buy these items.”

Through their volunteer efforts, like Eleanor’s Café and gift shops, the BGVA also raises much needed funds for new equipment and services.

Featured Photo: Pictured (left to right): Nathan Tompkins, Diagnostic Imaging Manager, BGH; Anthony Charbonneau, Diagnostic Imaging Co-op Student; Laura Gamble, Diagnostic Imaging Assistant; Matt O’Connell Charge CT Technologist; Sandra Devaney, President, BGVA; and Carol Crump, Gift Shop Committee Chair, BGVA.

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