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Three regional YMCAs explore unification to strengthen impact

Three regional YMCAs explore unification to strengthen impact

The YMCAs of Brockville & Area, Central East, and Kingston are exploring a potential unification to strengthen their collective ability to build healthy communities in the region.

BROCKVILLE  – The YMCAs of Brockville & Area, Central East, and Kingston announced today that their three associations are currently undertaking a unification exploration process to review the opportunities and benefits of coming together as one organization. Across Canada, YMCA associations are exploring regional unification, the goal of which is to strengthen the YMCA’s ability to create healthier communities, rich with opportunity, potential, and belonging.

Across Eastern Ontario, YMCA associations have a long-standing history of building communities, transforming lives, and providing personal growth opportunities for spirit, mind, and body.

Catherine Deplaedt, Board Chair of the YMCA of Brockville & Area, said that all three associations are very committed to serving members and communities in the best possible way, which includes a responsibility to look at the future and identify new ways to increase the YMCA’s impact on individual and community health.

“We are all excited to be exploring this possibility and the potential opportunity for our respective associations to do even more, with more. This exploration is about determining if we can be even more effective, together.”

Deplaedt confirmed that all three associations are coming together from a position of strength and not as the result of any individual crisis or pressure. She also noted that while the three associations are excited about this potential opportunity to strengthen the YMCA’s impact in the region, they are still in the very initial phases and absolutely nothing has been decided at this point in the process.

“We are looking for new ways to maximize our collective reach and impact, but also recognize that each YMCA is unique, and that it’s important to make the right decision for our individual associations and the communities we serve.”

The process is expected to unfold throughout 2018. Regular updates will be provided to the community as often as possible, as the project reaches key milestones.

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