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Opportunity Group Launches New Online Tool for Entrepreneurs

Opportunity Group Launches New Online Tool for Entrepreneurs

Brockville – Local Training and Consulting Firm Opportunity Group launched a new product that will help business owners or those thinking about starting a venture create a business plan using an online tool.

“After delivering this product in a classroom setting for several years around Eastern Ontario we have come to realize
that there is a need for people to work at their own pace and create a plan to launch a new enterprise” said Karen
McDonald-Hurley of Opportunity Group and the creator of Business Plan BootCamp.

Taking her years of experience in teaching a Business Plan BootCamp she has created an online tool that is very user
friendly. “Business Plan BootCamp” has been tested and revised on over 750 entrepreneurs. It consists of 5 modules,
downloadable planning tools, and uses a customizable fill in the blank template and a 6-step planning system developed by McDonald-Hurley. Feedback on the training has been positive, even entrepreneurs who have written plans in the past credit McDonald-Hurley with giving them a whole new way to look at their business and helping  them get organized to accomplish the goals they set.

Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre will be the first client to purchase 10 licences to provide their clientswith the option of constructing their business plan online. “This product will provide our clients with another option to complete a business plan” said Wendy Onstein, Manager of the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre. “We work with people all the time that need direction and structure to create a viable plan. We think we have found a solution in the Opportunity Group’s new product. This option will also enable us to continuously intake new businesses and provide business plan writing support to individuals who can take the training at their own pace in a place of their choice.”

Other agencies have shown interest in purchasing the product and McDonald-Hurley will spend the next few months
giving demonstrations across the province. Currently she has a memorandum of understanding with an agency to
develop a condensed version of the online learning for a specific target group of learners. As well, McDonald-Hurley will be speaking at a National Career Development Conference in January, 2019; on the topic of “Making Self-employment A Realistic Option.”

Business Plan BootCamp can be found online at www.opportunitygroup.ca and purchasers can buy an option to receive evaluation and feedback on their plan from a panel of experts or purchase a one- on- one planning session with McDonald-Hurley.

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