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Michael Barrett will host round-table on Bill C-71

Michael Barrett will host round-table on Bill C-71

Brockville – Michael Barrett, candidate for the Conservative nomination in Leeds-Grenville Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, says one of the first meetings he will hold in the riding when he is the nominated Conservative party candidate, will be an information meeting on Bill C-71.

He notes that despite Liberal rhetoric, Bill C-71 is a backdoor gun registry that will do next to nothing to combat gun and gang violence in the cities, while further restricting gun owners and removing Parliamentary oversight on the classification of guns in favor of the RCMP.

“This Bill was introduced using manipulated data, as part of the solution to guns and gang violence in cities like Toronto,” Barrett explains. The Liberals claimed a steady increase in gun crime based on a comparison to a low-crime year.

“The truth is, the Bill will have next to no effect on the problems in cities while placing more restrictions on law-abiding gun-owners such as farmers, hunters and sport shooters,” he explains.

It also adds more red tape, paperwork, and legal and financial burden onto hard-working store owners who sell guns and ammunition.

Meanwhile, he explains, a promised fund to combat gun and gang violence remains unspent by the Liberals.

Introducing C-71, Public Safety Minister stated unequivocally that this is not a registry. Yet the word “Registrar” is mentioned 15 times in the Bill, “registration” is mentioned 17 times, “reference number” is mentioned 12 times and “records” is mentioned 26 times.

Bill C-71 requires gun stores to manage registries containing the following information on every sale of a “Non-restricted” shotgun or rifles: the buyer’s firearm licence number, the reference number issued by the RCMP Registrar of Firearms authorizing each sale, the date the Registrar issued the reference number, and the make, model, type, and serial number of every long gun sold in Canada.

“This is a registry,” explains Barrett.

Further, the Bill will restrict how and when people can transport their guns and will impose lifetime background checks on people purchasing guns.

Removing Parliamentary oversight on classification allows the RCMP to reclassify any gun they wish at any time, thus making ownership either illegal or grandfathered with no public discussion.

“We have already seen that the RCMP jumped the gun and started changing rules as if the Bill had already passed,” explains Barrett. “Parliamentary oversight needs to be maintained,” he explains.

He says that as soon as he becomes the Conservative Party candidate he will organize a roundtable to discuss the Bill in the riding.

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