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Family Caregiver Day being Celebrated April 3, 2018

Family Caregiver Day being Celebrated April 3, 2018

Family caregivers of all ages deserve recognition and support

Across the province, over 3 million people provide supports for family members facing illness, disability, or challenges related to aging, but their contributions often go unrecognized. On April 3rd.

Community & Primary Health Care (CPHC) and the Ontario Caregiver Coalition (OCC) are celebrating Family Caregiver Day by unmasking these invisible heroes of the healthcare system and their faces may surprise you.

This year, three generations of caregivers–each with their own challenges–are being highlighted:

  • Young caregivers: There are almost 500,000 family caregivers in Ontario between 15 and 24 years
  • ‘Sandwich’ generation caregivers, who provide care for both their aging parents and their own
  • Elderly caregivers: Nearly 375,000 caregivers in Ontario are 65 years or older.

Family Caregiver Day (April 3rd) aims to raise awareness about the importance of family caregivers in Ontario.

“By celebrating caregivers and bringing their voices to the forefront, we are providing a platform for them to share their stories. Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our health care and social service system. It is our responsibility as a province to recognize their contribution and while we have made progress, we still have a long way to go to truly recognize the important work that caregivers do. Please join us on April 3rd by celebrating Family Caregiver day with us,” says Cheryl Perera, Chair of the OCC.

On a provincial level, the OCC is advocating for increased investment in flexible respite services and increased and more equitable financial support for caregivers who are in financial distress. This would include making caregiver tax credits refundable.

CPHC is dedicated to caregiver wellness, and offers a vibrant, caring and practical support system to caregivers and their families throughout Lanark, Leeds & Grenville. Caregivers can access Support and Counseling, Caregiver Information, Education & Training, compassionate and flexible In Home Respite Services and Adult Day Services. “You don’t have to do it alone!”

All Ontarians are invited to celebrate Family Caregiver Day and thank a family caregiver in their community by signing the thank-you card at or using the hashtag #thxcaregivers.


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