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Brockville Police Warn Fraud Scammers Active in Area Again

Brockville Police Warn Fraud Scammers Active in Area Again

BROCKVILLE – Police are again receiving numerous complaints from residents regarding a couple of familiar scams targeting the area.

Newer versions of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam are targeting the area again. This time callers are claiming to represent law firms saying a class action law suit against the victim has been launched and if they do not pay a certain amount of money they will be sued in court. Victims may be requested to pay by Western Union money transfer or even iTunes cards.

The CRA would never ask for payment by pre-paid cards. Should you have any questions please contact the CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281 or visit the CRA website section “Protect Yourself against Fraud at

The “Emergency Scam” or as it is sometimes known the “Grandparent Scam” has once again made an appearance targeting local residents.

In this particular scam, the victim receives a call claiming to be one of their children or grandchildren. In some cases, the caller may be a lawyer or medical professional calling on their family member’s behalf because of some emergency and needing money immediately. Typically it is for bail money or some medical emergency in a foreign country.

The victim is asked to send money by a money transfer through Western Union or Money Gram to assist. Before sending any money, please contact your family to verify the emergency, or verify the occurrence with local authorities.

For more information please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or visit their website at

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