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Brockville Museum Launches New Exhibit: Ice Storm 1998

Brockville Museum Launches New Exhibit: Ice Storm 1998

Brockville – It may seem hard to believe, but this January will mark 20 years since this area was coated in a thick layer of ice that toppled not only trees, but much of the power grid.  The power went out, businesses closed, shelters were opened, and the community came together to support one other.  For those that lived it, Ice Storm ’98 is forever etched in our minds.  The Brockville Museum has marked this event by opening a new temporary exhibit “Ice Storm ‘98” which shares the experiences of those who lived through it.

As Curator/Director Natalie Wood points out, the museum is constantly striving to create new and interesting exhibits that will capture the imagination of our visitors and share different aspects of Brockville’s history.  “We are trying to focus not only on what happened a hundred or more years ago,” says Wood “but also on the more recent history – both are relevant to our story”.  By focusing on more recent events it allows those who lived through the ordeal to share those stories with younger members of their families; in this case, it was also an opportunity for the museum to reach out to the community for the objects and stories that are on display.

Under Wood’s 5-year tenure the museum has seen over a dozen exhibits and displays presented to the public, ranging from “Brockville’s Sporting Past” and the “World War I Photos of Col. Curry” to the more recent “How Brockville Celebrated the Centennial”.  “With each new exhibit we hope that it will entice someone who hasn’t visited the museum to come down as see the many things with have to offer” adds Wood.

The Ice Storm ’98 exhibit is now open until March 30th, 2018.  For those who would like to share some of their own stories, there will be a special Talk & Tea highlighting the 1998 ice storm on January 11th at 2 p.m. (Talk & Tea takes place the second Thursday of each month).

For more information about this and other Brockville Museum events, please visit our Facebook Page or webpage.  The Brockville Museum is located at 5 Henry St in downtown Brockville.

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