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BGH Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Etherington

BGH Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Etherington

BROCKVILLE – This week for Artists Spotlight, we’d like you to meet Stephanie Etherington. Stephanie works in the BGH Laboratories and is an amazing photographer in her spare time. Stephanie is currently showing ‘The Crow’ in the BGH Art Corridor Gallery.

Stephanie tells us that,“this is a black and white photograph. For me, photography is like treasure hunting. The hunt is one of somewhat passive scanning to see if something jumps out at me – no expectations, but ready to stop and inspect further. Sometimes you come home with something great and you really don’t even know for sure until you get home and look at the photos. In the case of this photo, I didn’t realize I had anything at all until I got home. I wasn’t sure I’d even managed to catch the bird as it flew by, but when I did see it I realized it had been a successful treasure hunting day. Going through the photos after the trip is a bit like unwrapping presents. When you find you’ve got a good shot, it’s like Christmas morning – especially when it comes to birds since they rarely sit still.

“My main subject matter is nature – birds, plants, insects, whatever I notice on the trip – as well as abandoned buildings and random things that catch my eye. And cats.”

Thank you to the artists who support the BGH Art Gallery. Artists generously donate 20% of all art sales to the Brockville General Volunteer Association.

If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind painting, or would like to be showcased in an upcoming exhibition, please contact Liz Rogers, our Volunteer Coordinator at 613-345-5649 ext. 1254 or

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