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Brockville Rifles welcome Allan Bird as new Honorary Colonel

Brockville Rifles welcome Allan Bird as new Honorary Colonel

Brockville – The Brockville Rifles formally welcomed Allan Bird CSTJ CD FRHSC as the new Honorary Colonel during a physically-distanced ceremony at The Brockville Rifles, held on September 10th.

The position of Honorary Colonel is the symbolic head and mentor of the regimental family. It is also a key position for engagement with local communities, a vital connection for a unit of Canadian Army Reservists – soldiers who serve their communities on a part-time and, when called to do so, a full-time basis.

“As a former officer in the Brockville Rifles, it truly is an honour and a privilege to be in this position. The Brockville Rifles are actively recruiting, and I look forward to doing my part in assisting the unit in bringing in new soldiers to continue the legacy of this great organization.” said Allan Brid, Honorary Colonel, The Brockville Rifles

Mr. Bird brings a lifetime of public service experience to the unit, including as an Executive in the Public Service, an Officer in the RCMP and as a serving Officer in The Brockville Rifles. He has received a number of honours and awards including as Honorary Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Commander of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John, and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals.

“Honorary Colonel Bird brings a great deal of experience to the position, both from his time in the Public Service, and as a serving Officer in the Brockville Rifles. Our unit is extremely lucky to be able to welcome him into this important position. I am confident he will assist The Brockville Rifles in attracting new soldiers into our growing and active unit.” said Dave Beyer, Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer, The Brockville Rifles

In his new role as the ambassador for the unit throughout the community, Mr. Bird will focus on augmenting unit recruitment efforts, a key focus of the Brockville Rifles over the next year.

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