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Brockville Police Reminding Residents of Latest Scams to Hit Area

Brockville Police Reminding Residents of Latest Scams to Hit Area

Brockville – Brockville Police are reminding residents of the latest scams to hit our area recently.

Bank Inspector Scam:

The Brockville Police have been receiving calls and walk in complaints today from a number of local residents who report receiving calls from a “bank employee” reporting their accounts, credit cards or debit cards have been compromised. The scammer then asks the victim for credit card numbers and PIN numbers to verify whether or not the card has been compromised.

This is a form of Identity theft called “phishing” whereby the caller solicits or “phishes” for information from the victim and uses this information for a fraudulent purpose. Should residents receive such a call please just hang up! Theses scammers are “phishing” for any information they can get from their victims and information they receive over the phone can be used for their fraudulent purpose.

If you have any questions or feel there is a possibility of your banking information having been compromised please attend your local bank branch and speak with your personal banking officer.

For more information on these types of scams please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website at: escroquerie/identity-identite- eng.htm

Canada Revenue Agency Scam:

The Canada Revenue Agency scam is once again active in the Brockville area and targeting local residents. In the typical scam a resident will receive a phone call from someone claiming to be an investigator with CRA or a police officer with the RCMP or even a lawyer taking a civil action. They will threaten if you do not pay outstanding balances you could face incarceration or legal action.

Please just hang up on the caller and DO NOT provide them with any additional information. Engaging the scammer in conversation will only allow them to gain more personal information on you and your family and make your residence a target for future scams.

Should you have any questions about your taxes please call CRA directly at 1-800- 959- 8281 or visit the CRA website section “Protect Yourself against Fraud at yourself-against-fraud.html

For more information on this type of scam please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud website at: escroquerie/types/tax-contribuable/index-eng.htm

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