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Brockville Museum to look back on the Ice Storm of 1998

Brockville Museum to look back on the Ice Storm of 1998

Curator/Director, Natalie Wood examines photographs and newspaper articles from Ice Storm ’98. – Submitted Photo

Brockville – It may seem hard to believe, but this January will mark 20 years since this area was coated in a thick layer of ice that toppled not only trees, but much of the power grid. The power went out, businesses closed, shelters were opened, and the community came together to support one other. For those that lived it, Ice Storm ’98 is forever etched in our minds.

The Brockville Museum needs your help as it creates a new exhibit that reflects on this memorable historical event.

“Although we have some photographs that were collected right after the storm, we don’t have any objects in our collection to represent the human side of this natural disaster” says Brockville Museum Curator/Director, Natalie Wood. “We’re seeking the community’s help. We’re looking for the personal items that tell an Ice Storm story: the sleeping bag you used while at the TISS shelter, the candles you used to light the room while your family played board games to pass the time, or the battery-operated radio you used to listen to Bruce Wylie” Wood adds.

If you have an object (that you are willing to loan to the museum for the exhibit) that tells a story about what it was like to live through the 1998 Ice Storm in Brockville you are asked to contact the museum at Please include the story (typed or written) that goes with the object, and if you can send a photo of the object it would be very helpful. A museum staff member will then be in touch about using the object in the exhibit. Please note that the museum is specifically seeking objects, not photographs.

The exhibit will open in early January. For those interested in sharing their stories, there will be a special Talk & Tea on January 11th at 2pm (Talk & Tea takes place the second Thursday of each month) that will encourage the exchange of stories.

For more information about this and other Brockville Museum events, please visit our Facebook Page or webpage:

The Brockville Museum is located at 5 Henry St in downtown Brockville.

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