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Brockville Museum in International Competition

Brockville Museum in International Competition

Brockville – The Brockville Museum is drawing international attention in an unusual way this month through its participation in the international Museum Dance Off competition hosted by the website,’When You Work in a Museum’.

Now in its fifth (and final) year, the unique competition showcases museums from around the world through eclectic dance videos prepared and submitted by museum staff and volunteers. Only bragging rights are up for grabs in this usual competition, where winners are selected by popular vote, but participation (especially making it to the final showdown) brings international exposure.

The Brockville Museum will go up against three other Canadian museums on April 17th vying for the national title: Northern Rockies Museum of Culture and Heritage, Museums of Mississauga, and Glanmore National Historic Site (who won the national title in 2017). The Canadian winner will advance to the final “thunderdome” finale and compete against divisional winners from the United States, Australia, Eastern Europe, UK and Western Europe, and New Zealand.

In order to advance to the final round, the Brockville Museum needs lots and lots of votes! Voting in the Canadian division will open at 8:00am on Tuesday, April 17 th when all four Canadian entries will be posted to the competition website, and close at 7:59am on Wednesday, April 18th.

There is no limit to the number of votes that a person can cast, so the message from museum staff is “vote early and vote often”. Voting takes place on the ‘When You Work in a Museum’ website:

There is no registration required to vote.

For those interested in checking out the Brockville Museum’s entry ahead of time, it is available of the museum’s YouTube Channel:

The video features two unsuspecting visitors who tour the museum galleries, only to be surprised by dancers at every corner, finally joining the dancers at the very end.

Staff and volunteers (none of whom are professional dancers) filmed the video back in the fall with the help of DCE Media Productions. The bloopers, shown during the final credits, are especially funny.

The competition organizer and owner of the website, When You Work in a Museum (who simply goes by Maggie), hails Museum Dance Off as “a great way to show off museums as exciting, fun places to be, showcasing the fantastic people who run them, and really strengthening the bonds of affection with our professional and local communities”.

The online competition kicks off April 16th with the New Zealand entries, followed by Canada on the 17th .

There are seventeen days of competition wrapping up on May 14th with the international finale.


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