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Brockville Mayor & City Manager Release Process for OPP Costing

Brockville Mayor & City Manager Release Process for OPP Costing

Brockville Mayor David Henderson and City Manager, Bob Casselman spoke with local media on Wednesday in the Mayor’s office outlining the timeline for the OPP costing. – Photo By Dale Elliott, Hometown TV12 News

Brockville – Brockville Mayor David Henderson and City Manager, Bob Casselman announced on Wednesday to local media the process and time-line for the OPP Costing Proposal in the Mayor’s office.

The OPP Costing Proposal has now been completed and will be presented to City Council and the community on Wednesday, January 25th at 7:00pm at a regular city council meeting being held at the Memorial Centre.

Mayor Henderson stated he is looking forward to an informed debate with respect to the Costing Proposal and encourages residents and ratepayers to actively participate.

“This discussion is emotional and it is important that we recognize that we are dealing with two organizations that are highly respected for their people, their professionalism, and the work they do. We will ensure that the City will continue to be a safe community and we will do our due diligence to ensure we are providing the service that we need and want in an effective and efficient manner.” he said.

He went on to say that a switch to the OPP would still leave the city policed around the clock from a station in Brockville.

“This city council will not, in any way, endanger any residents of this community in this process,” said Henderson. “The policing debate centres on the cost of delivering the service.”

Henderson also said that the timetable is not set in stone, “but it’s as close to set in stone as you’re going to get,” he commented.

The time-line:

  1. January 25 –  Regular Council Meeting @ Memorial Centre – OPP Presentation of Costing Proposal to City Council (Council Questions)
  2. January 26 –  Posting of Information on City website begins and is updated regularly
  3. January 31 –  Special Council Meeting @ City Hall (In-Camera) – will deal with a possible building to house an OPP station in the city, non-recurring costs and criminal record checks.
  4. March 1 –  Special Council Meeting @ Memorial Centre – Presentation of Financial Analysis by Treasurer including:
  5. March 2 – Comments/Submissions by local Ratepayers/Residents accepted online and by mail and will remain open until April 6, 2017
  6. March 6 – Special Council Meeting @ Memorial Centre – Summary of Financial Analysis ( OPP and Treasurer ) – Feedback/Questions from Residents and Ratepayers
  7. March 7 – Local Police Association invited to submit a Proposal
  8. March 14 – Feedback/Questions from Residents and Ratepayers forwarded to the OPP for response.
  9. March 28 – Special Council Meeting @ Memorial Centre  – OPP response to questions/issues raised by Ratepayers/Residents/Council, Treasurer presents updated financial analysis
  10. April 6 – Final online and written submissions received and forwarded to Council
  11. April 12 – Special Council Meeting @ Memorial Centre where Council will debate and make a decision regarding OPP Costing Proposal

In March of 2013, Brockville Council requested an OPP Costing Proposal for the provision of Policing Services to the City of Brockville. The City Appointed an OPP contact committee of 5 members of council and the Chair of the Brockville Police Services plus staff support from the City Manager, Director of Corporate Services, Police Chief and Deputy Chief.

Background information from a City of Brockville Press Release:

If the City were to choose to receive policing services from the Ontario Provincial Police, the OPP has indicated that they would provide the City with a three year transitional contract. The costs for this contract are based on the hours of officer service provided which would match what is currently provided. After three years the contract would switch to the provincial standard billing model based on the number of properties in the community and the 3 year running average of calls for service.

Officers with the Brockville Police Services with a good record would be offered a position with the OPP policing the City of Brockville. This would not apply to management which would go through a different process.

The OPP would provide service from a station located in Brockville. A new location would be required for the station as the OPP abides by Infrastructure Ontario guidelines which indicate a need to be further than 500 m from train tracks to ensure the facility will not be inhibited from use by a derailment emergency.

The OPP would provide service based on an “integrated “service model whereby the officers serving Brockville may also be called upon to answer calls in the surrounding area
as officers in the surrounding area may be called upon to answer calls in the City of Brockville.

The OPP will provide 2 options with regards to office access hours for the City to consider a review of community programs offered currently by the BPS showed that some administrative roles are not offered by the OPP such as Taxi licensing. The OPP does not take on the leadership of community projects as a rule but does participate in community projects. There are community projects, such as the Bartholomew HUB where the BPS has provided a leadership role and under the OPP the lead would have to be provided by one of the other partners. Generally, the OPP indicated they are able to provide the majority of the services identified by the BPS including services to Seniors, Youth, and dealing with mental health.

A police Services board with the same representation of appointments would be in place with the OPP. Dispatch services under the OPP would be provided from their Eastern Ontario centre in Smiths Falls.

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