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Brockville General Hospital Supervisor Builds Recovery Team

Brockville General Hospital Supervisor Builds Recovery Team

Brockville – The Brockville General Hospital provincially appointed Supervisor, Kevin Empey has been on the job for little over a month now. During this time he has been learning about the Hospital, how it operates and the finances.

Mr. Empey believes that the BGH needs to invest in quality patient care while it addresses its financial issues. With this in mind, Mr. Empey is building a recovery team to ensure BGH is in the best position to meet the needs of the community. The Hospital is now able to announce this team, which includes: Jeanette Despatie, who will be joining BGH as Acting President and Chief Executive Officer; Dan Germain, who has been named Chief Information Officer; and Ginette Ferguson, who will act as a clinical Advisor to the CEO.

These experienced executives will all be at Brockville part-time as they help to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of care as BGH develops a recovery plan.

“I am pleased that we have been able to attract such high caliber individuals to help us improve BGH” said Kevin Empey.

Jeanette Despatie is the President and CEO at Cornwall Community Hospital and their Board has kindly allowed her to join BGH part-time. She has been the President since 2005, after two hospitals merged.

Prior to that, she was the President of one of the founding hospitals, Hotel Dieu Hospital since 2000.

Dan Germain has been a Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for Information Management at three hospitals, including the most recent, Windsor Regional.

Ginette Ferguson is a Nurse Practitioner that has held several nursing leadership positions at Cornwall Community Hospital including her current position as Senior Director, Operating Room, Day Surgery, Emergency Department and Sterile Processing.

Questions and Answers:

Question: It seem that you are increasing management. Everyone believes there is already too much management.

Answer: Developing a recovery plan for Brockville General Hospital is complex. As the Supervisor, I need experienced leaders to help me. These are not permanent positions.

Question: How long will they be here?

Answer: All three will be here through the fall. I expect to use their help into the winter, and our progress in developing a recovery plan will help determine how long they stay.

Question: Are they employees?

Answer: No, they are coming in as consultants, not employees.

Question: Does this mean you are making other changes?

Answer: I am bringing in advisors to help me develop a plan. This does not signal any plans or changes at this time. I will keep everyone informed as we go along. My overall desire is to maintain or enhance the quality of our clinical services.

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