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Bringing the Art of Healing to patients at BGH

Bringing the Art of Healing to patients at BGH

Pictured at the launch event: Donna Shram, Co-Chair of the ‘Art of Healing’ Ceiling Tile Committee, Elizabeth Tully, originator of the program concept, with her painting, Daphne’s Magnolia. Karen Matte, President of the Brockville General Volunteer Association, Lainie Taylor, Co-Chair of the ‘Art of Healing’ Ceiling Tile Committee. – Submitted Photos

Brockville – The Brockville General Volunteer Association celebrated local artistic talent and bringing it into the hospital on Thursday September 28th.

The ‘Art of Healing’ Ceiling Tile Program developed from a visit the Association received 12 months ago from Elizabeth Tully and her mother, Daphne. Daphne was an acclaimed artist in Toronto, running a similarly successful program at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Elizabeth and Daphne wanted to bring colour and art to the ceilings of BGH as well and asked could the BGVA coordinate a painted tile program as well.

Fast forward to the launch night, where the Volunteer Association officially launch the program within the hospital. Over the last 12 months, the Volunteer Association have gathered together the talents of over 20 different local artists, to paint over 40 ceiling tiles with images of birds, butterflies, boats, seashores, the St Lawrence River and the Northern Lights, to name just a few of the categories. These tiles were on view for an invited audience to sponsor for $100 per ceiling tile.

“When Elizabeth and Daphne came to speak with us about the idea, we knew we had to take on this project and being able to invite local artists to paint the tiles has been so inspiring for us.” Says Lainie Taylor, co-Chair of the Programs Committee. “When you’re lying in a bed all day, with a blank ceiling above you, the tedium must be immense. Now you will be able to look at a landscape, animals or a group of flowers,” continues Donna Shram, the second co-chair of the committee. “The diversity of painted subject and styles has been amazing for us to receive. Every artist involved has been so enthusiastic and creative with their work. It’s been truly amazing.”

Showcasing examples from The Art of Healing Project fundraiser, led by the Brockville General Volunteer Association.

The Art of Healing Program decorates the ceilings of the Brockville General Hospital with tiles painted by local artists who have donated their time and talents. The Program is coordinated by the Brockville General Volunteer Association who has arranged for the creation, installation and sponsorship of the tiles. Monies raised from the tile sponsorship will go towards the purchase of hospital equipment and programs. Ceiling tiles can be sponsored for $100 each with the sponsored receiving a tax receipt at later date.

The sponsor can decide to have the ceiling tile placed in one of 9 areas around the hospital: Emergency, Women & Children’s Health, Ambulatory Care, Patient Rooms, Main Entrance/Central Registration, Intensive Care Unit, Brockville Cardiovascular Program, Mammography and the Orthopaedic Clinic.

The BGVA has been working in the hospital since 1889. It is the fourth oldest Volunteer Association in Ontario with over 300 volunteers giving their time to over 20 different programs across the hospital’s two main sites. In 2016 the volunteers logged over 27,000 hours of volunteer time within the hospital.

To become a volunteer at the hospital contact Liz Rogers at 613 345 5649 ext. 1254 or email

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