Media Release – Piper (left) with owners Barb Hetherington and Buddy Boyd stop to charge their Chevy Bolt. – Submitted Photo

Couple Traveling Across Canada in Chevy Bolt EV!

Buddy Boyd and Barb Heatherington dipped the wheels of their brand new Chevy Bolt EV, all electric car into the Pacific Canada Day and are on their way to Newfoundland on the start their of their cross-Canada adventure to dip their wheels into the Atlantic.

“We thought since we have this car, and we haven’t been on vacation in 15 years; we’d see if we could drive from Victoria, BC to Quidi Vidi, NL and back,” Boyd explained.

The pair runs the Gibson’s Recycling Depot, in Gibson BC, and are also part of the Zero Waste Canada team. They decided to make the journey partly as a vacation, and partly to raise awareness for the Zero Waste cause. They were also involved in the the Rick Hanson Man in Motion Tour, 1985-87. Buddy stated that if Rick could do it in a wheel chair, they could do it easily in an EV.

Buddy and Barb are hoping this journey demonstrates to others that there’s no reason to shy away from electric vehicles and the need to charge them. In fact, they believe it’s quite the opposite.

There is a sparse density of DC Fast Chargers across the Country, but they hope to prove it is still possible. The 1st DC Fast Charger (Level 3) in the Brockville area is being installed by Four-O-One Electric at Riverside GM (Stewart Blvd) to add to the map and provide this service to EV Owners. On Tuesday August 1 2017, 2:00pm, Buddy and Barb will arrive in Brockville to “plug in” and help us to officially open the charging location and talk about their adventure. We want to recognize the couple for the huge effort they are making to show everyone that the future has arrived and this is indeed possible, in an electric vehicle. Come out and help us greet them!

You can follow Buddy and Barb’s progress at

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