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Bert, Tommy and the two Bobbies victorious at the Gananoque Regatta

Bert, Tommy and the two Bobbies victorious at the Gananoque Regatta

From left to right: Marc Théorêt, 3rd place in the GP-444 Grand Prix Valleyfield. Kent Henderson and Bert Henderson, first place behind the wheel of the GP-777 Steeler and Brandon Kennedy with the GP-25 H8 Cancer Racing in second place. Photo Courtesy of HRL

Gananoque – Bert Henderson, Tommy Shannon, Bobby King and Bobby Kennedy triumphed in their respective classes in the finals presented at the Gananoque Regatta (Ontario) on Sunday afternoon.

The final Grand Prix class race resulted in a spectacular confrontation between Brandon Kennedy aboard “Team 8 Cancer” and Bert Henderson at the wheel of the GP-777 “Steeler”. After more than two laps side by side, Henderson overtook his opponent to win in the 2017 championship boat which was damaged early in the season in Cambridge Maryland.

Marc Théorêt finished 3rd in the Grand Prix Valleyfield GP-444 and Mathieu Daoust, winner of the consolation race in “Miss Cleopatra” GP-9 followed in 4th place. Mike Monahan was unable to start in the GP-35 TM Special and New Zealand’s Jack Lupton, who won Saturday’s 1A race, was forced to withdraw with the Miss New Zealand GP-57.

Bobby King (left), who was involved in a rousing duel with Tyler Kaddatz (H-519) early in the day, won the Formula 2500 class final aboard  the “Tenacity” F-92 at Regattas of Gananoque, Ontario. Photo Courtesy of HRL

In Formula 2500, Bobby King continued in the “Tenacity” F-92 and made the final to remain undefeated in five starts this season. The Michigan driver was less than 3 seconds ahead of Dylan Runne’s “Miss Jesel” F-3 and Tom Huganir (F-69) finished third. Doug Martin (F-33), Scott Liddycoat (F-63) Tyler Kaddatz (F-519), Guillaume Charette (F-17), winner of the consolation, and Bobby Kennedy (F-135) followed at the finish line. The best duel of the day was between Bobby King and Tyler Kaddatz at the start of the day while the two drivers remained
sponson to sponson throughout the race (2A), the “F-92” beating the “F-519” by 26 hundredths of a second.

The 2.5-liter class gave the spectators an exciting final and this time, Campivallensian (Valleyfield) Tommy Shannon (Valleyfield S-4 Auto Parts) got the best of his fellow countryman Derec Demers (Wave Dancer S-44) . Philippe-Hervé Cardinal (S-222) completed the podium for his best career result and Frédéric Couturier, the winner in Cambridge, had to settle for 4th place in the “Hydroid” S-313. Andree-Anne Bergeron (S-18) finished 5th while Maxime Lemieux (S-912), Stephane Joannette (S-107) and Richard Wilhelm (S-404) received no points on the
score sheet.

Tommy Shannon (S-4) beat Derec Demers (S-44) in the 2.5-liter final to win a spectacular second race in as many days. Photo Courtesy of HRL

The Hydro 350 class offered several tight races over the weekend but in the final, Bobby Kennedy took off on his own in the “Penzoil” H- 300. The driver from Waterford (Michigan) defeated Derec Smith’s “H-13” by more than 5 seconds, and Marc Lecompte, the fastest driver on Saturday was third in the H-104. Another Campivallensian (Valleyfield), Mathieu Lemelin (H-7) finished 4th while Yannick Léger (H-21), Jonathan Daoust (H-15) and Jimmy King (H-12) jumped the gun. The latter stood up to Bobby Kennedy in the first round but he took a step back knowing that he would get a penalty. Richard Haineault was forced to withdraw in “Miss Beauharnois” H-2.

Several of the H-350 favorites were unable to qualify for the finals, including Remy Leblanc (H-799), Douglas Rapp (H-79), Kent Henderson (H-777), Bobby King ( H-242) and Martin Rochon (H-773).


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