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Award-Winning Screenwriter Brings Latest Project Home To Brockville

Award-Winning Screenwriter Brings Latest Project Home To Brockville

Short Film Being Filmed at 1000 Islands Village!

Brockville – Filmmaker Jen Evans, who has served as Writer and Producer on over 60 television and digital productions, is returning home to Brockville for her latest project. The short film, titled “Funland”, will be screened as a standalone film in New York City; and will be viewed by select television executives as a sampler for an ongoing series.

Filming will take place on April 28th at the newly renovated 1000 Islands Village.

While filming abroad, Jen has remained focused on bringing film and television projects to Brockville. “Film and television offer huge economic development opportunities for many regions,” Jen said, noting that a single film can result in the purchase of over 7,000 hotel room nights. “These projects don’t just employ out-of-town actors and producers. Productions require carpenters, truck drivers, hair stylists, caterers. They can lead to the refurbishment of infrastructure and the development of tourist interest. Brockville now has an incredible facility in 1000 Islands Village, which can properly host large-scale productions and bring major revenue to the area.The time is right for filmmaking in Brockville.”

She has also put out a casting call for the scenes to be shot in Brockville on April 28th. Evans is looking for the following:

Chrissy is the community television station’s receptionist-turned-star. She has always dreamed of being in the spotlight, but was convinced by her overbearing mother that such aspirations were ridiculous. Now, the naïve and sheltered Chrissy has broken free of her mother’s manipulation… but isn’t ready to be on her own quite yet.

Neely is a twenty-something woman who portrays the six-year-old title character of “Sophie’s Sock Drawer”. A former child actor from California, Neely was the pampered pet project of a single mom… until her mother started a new family. Desperate to be the center of someone’s attention, Neely moved to this small-town children’s show, whereshe is becoming increasingly resigned to her new life and dwindling opportunities.

Bonkers The Clown was a renowned children’s performer in the 1970s. But sometime between 1975 and 1991, Bonkers became Boinkers: a clown- themed porn star whoseperformance instincts are anything but family-friendly.

Voy is a self-made man with a big heart… who happens to own a sex shop, Voy’s Fantasy Funland. Not realizing the nature of his business, “Sophie’s Sock Drawer” brought Voy on as its primary sponsor, only to discover that the boisterous business owner also expects to have creative input in the show… and his ideas are more than a little skewed by his usual work.

Ranger is the writer and producer of “Sophie’s Sock Drawer”. He is a straight arrow who is perpetually exasperated by the chaos around him. At heart, Ranger is a dreamer and a romantic, but has convinced himself to abandon his dream of being a serious screenwriter.

If anyone is interested please send an email with your headshot and reel to New or inexperienced actors are welcome to audition using a filmed monologue, acting class scene, or similar.

About Jen Evans: Jen Evans (née Grattan) was born and raised in Brockville, graduating from St.Mary Catholic High School in 2005. Her family – mother Lee Ann Grattan, father Alan Grattan, and sister Meg Plooy – remain in Brockville. An award-winning screenwriter, Jen’s production credits include SHIMMER Women Athletes and World Wrestling Entertainment. Jen is also an accomplished performer, having appeared in over 800 productions throughout 15 countries.

She now resides in New York City with her husband.

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