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An enhanced emergency experience at BGH

An enhanced emergency experience at BGH

Brockville – Brockville General Hospital is committed to the best patient care experience. After careful review of patient and staff feedback,  the waiting room has been renovated to allow for better staff and patient communication.

The most noticeable change is the relocation of the first check in desk where the patient’s needs are accessed, or triaged. The space also includes  new walls, which are transparent, so that staff can have a clear view of the waiting area. This is key so that regular assessments of patients can  be made. This ensures a quick response should a patient’s condition decline.

The renovations were a team collaboration. BGH’s frontline staff, doctors, volunteers, security staff and patients worked closely to redesign the  space. Funding was generously supported by the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation.

“I’m incredibly proud of the collaboration,” shared Nicole Valade, manager of critical care at BGH. “The changes have been a long time coming, and  we continue to review processes to ensure we provide the safe, quality care that our community, and staff, expects of us.”

BGH’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a group of patient and family representatives, will be working closely with the Hospital to finalize  signage and other details which will complete the project.

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