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Open Letter to UCDSB From ECBA

Open Letter to UCDSB From ECBA

To: The Upper Canada District School Board.

Re: School Closures in the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal

Some consider schools today as serving a single purpose, an information delivery system whereby teachers teach and students learn. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our schools are the foundation of our communities allowing families to connect, collaborate as well as share. Children and families have an array of support systems available to them through community partners right at their schools. Our community schools provide a means and way to share and pass down our values as a rural community which differs vastly from those in other townships, cities and provinces.

The pupil accommodation review guidelines that have led to the recent announcement of school closures in our area is hugely short sighted, selfish and is a direct threat to the integrity, sustainability and growth of rural Ontario communities.  The school board, if allowed to proceed, is not only eliminating schools that are amongst the lowest in operating and overhead costs in the province, but also good paying jobs and pose a direct and imminent threat to economic development in rural Ontario.

With the forthcoming completion of new business such as the Giant Tiger warehouse in Edwardsburgh Cardinal, parents and parents to be will be looking to move to our community provided we can fulfill their needs for relocation and to flourish. Without schools we lose prospective residents. Without residents we lose business and without business we become yet another set of retirement communities with nothing to offer the future generations.

As business owners, business supporters, tax payers with a vested interest in the system and deeply connected members of the community, the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Business Association are vehemently against the closure of any schools in our township.

Parents, Teachers and the community as a whole should be afforded the right to help determine the future landscape of schooling in the area. We demand their voices be heard, their opinions taken into consideration and the detriment to the community be factored in to the final conclusion.

We remain,

Your friends,

Your neighbours and

The business owners of the ECBA.

Visit the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Business Association (ECBA) website at  Find them on Facebook.

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