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Low Water Status Continued in Rideau River Watershed

Low Water Status Continued in Rideau River Watershed

This statement is to advise that the low water status in the Rideau River watershed remains at “Minor” Severity except for the Kemptville Creek sub-watershed which continues to be “Moderate” Severity.

Flow in Kemptville Creek has continued to be very low. The amount of rain measured in the Kemptville Creek sub-watershed for the same time period is well below the historical average at both Kemptville and at the Brockville Airport near the Creek headwaters The impact of the low flow is that aquatic creatures living in the Creek are confined to smaller and smaller pools that are getting warmer and becoming short of oxygen.

The average rainfall on the whole Rideau watershed for the last thirty days is below the threshold of 80% of normal for “Minor” Severity. Rainfall was relatively heavy in some areas of the lower reaches of the system on the 29th;18 millimetres at Ottawa Airport compared to 0.2 mm at Westport. Some rain is forecast to fall through next week but, if it follows the pattern to date, little impact will be seen. Lawns will be green but trees are suffering from the lack of persistent light rain over several days that gets water to the deeper roots.

The Rideau Canal reservoir lake levels are as little as a day (Wolfe Lake) to three weeks earlier than levels normally reached at this time of year and a week to three weeks below the target levels. However, there is sufficient depth that Parks Canada is able to state “Normal Draft. Normal Navigation” for the Rideau system on their infonet.

Water conservation is recommended for all residents of the Rideau River watershed. Municipalities may have invoked water restrictions and burn bans. Check your municipal website for applicable bylaws. Those who have permits for taking water from surface or groundwater sources are encouraged to reduce their actual taking as much as possible.

Conservation Authority staff continue to monitor conditions and communicate with water managers throughout the watershed. Updates to this message will be issued as conditions warrant.

Other relevant information sources are:

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change: https://www.ontario.ca/page/managing-your-water-well-times-water-shortage

Ontario’s Low Water Response program: https://www.ontario.ca/page/low-water-response-program.

Parks Canada Infonet: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/on/rideau/info/infonet/tirant-deau-draft

RVCA website: www.rvca.ca

Hourly and daily streamflows and water levels: https://www.rvca.ca/watershed-monitoring-reporting/reporting/streamflow-water-levels .

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