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Support and Research for Prostate Cancer Continues

Support and Research for Prostate Cancer Continues

Kingston –Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts from across Canada venture onto the highways to raise funds and public awareness for prostate cancer in the TELUS Ride for Dad fundraiser. This year, University Hospitals Kingston Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr. Jason Izard, appointed to the Department of Urology at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC), will be receiving a $38,000 grant to further his research.

The Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation (PCFF) has donated over $635,000 to Kingston hospitals for prostate cancer research through their Ride for Dad fundraiser. PCFF awards provide grants to research projects that have the potential to make a difference in the fight against prostate cancer.

Dr. Izard’s research will incorporate new and standard methods of prostate cancer detection. Dr. Izard plans to use computerized technology that is more comfortable for the patient. Already, he has successfully used this technology on 40 prostate patients.

“The current method of detecting prostate cancer involves passing 10 to 12 needles into the prostate to sample, or map, the whole prostate and determine if any cancer is present.  This project will allow us to investigate a novel method of prostate biopsy which uses advanced computer imaging and software to tell us where in 3-dimensional space a tumor exists within the prostate.  We are then able to advance a single needle directly into the prostate tumor to sample the cells and provide a diagnosis.”- Dr. Izard, Assistant Professor, Department of Urology, KHSC.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Canadian men. The standard method, TRUSP biopsy, used to detect prostate cancer is uncomfortable, invasive and has a high risk of infection. Dr. Izard’s research will allow prostate cancer to be accurately detected, as current detection methods are not accurate.

“Our Ride for Dad participants continues to strongly support our event and the opportunity to fund important research for prostate cancer. Thank you to our participants, volunteers and sponsors for the difference you are making.” – Brian Sutton, Chair, TELUS Ride for Dad Kingston-Quinte Chapter

“The Ride for Dad volunteers and participants are a dedicated, fun and inspiring group – working to end prostate cancer.  We’re delighted to see Kingston area researchers, like Dr. Izard, supported through their efforts.” — Denise Cumming, President and CEO, University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

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