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Edwardsburgh Cardinal Pew News: Go Ask Alice

Edwardsburgh Cardinal Pew News: Go Ask Alice

EC Pew News – I was sitting in the pew waiting for the preshow music to begin when the lady in front of me turned around and said Hello. (Yes that still happens regularly in our churches!) I didn’t know her from a hole in the ground before that evening almost a year ago. Her name is Alice and she hails from Northern New York. She and her friends make the drive across the border whenever they can, to attend the Gospel Evenings at St John’s United Church in Cardinal.

Why? I asked Alice. And her answer, no surprise for me, was simple. Because the people at St John’s made her feel like part of their community and we don’t get enough of that anymore. They make her feel welcome and valued. And she loves the music.

The musical evenings are organized by Lynn Barkley, long time organist at St John’s and well-known local music personality. She will be joined this month by Charlie Stone, Joyce Lindsay and Brian Purcell and St. John’s Choir & Friends. In addition Ben Vreeman, a 14 year old from Williamsburg, will return to sing a couple of numbers. Ben has ‘perfect pitch’ according to Lynn, a rare and beautiful gift, and a voice to match. When he appeared before, as many of you may remember, his performance was stunning. He was 12 at the time.

So if you’re looking for a great night out remember Sunday October 2 at 7pm. St John’s United Church is right on Dundas St in Cardinal. If you’d like a landmark the church is right across the street from the Post Office. If you want a good seat please be early, the doors open at 6pm. Preshow instrumental music starts at 6.30 and refreshments are served following the concert downstairs in the church hall. There is no set cost instead you are asked to make a freewill offering. Enjoy the concert, I’m sure you’ll be glad you came!

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